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ICSI & GCSI – Call for Submissions and Participation. Liverpool

08/06/2019 |

The 10th International Conference on Systematic Innovation (ICSI) & Global Competition on Systematic Innovation (GCSI) CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS & PARTICIPATION

Date: July 08-11, 2019, Liverpool, UK





Re-launch of The TRIZ Journal

11/01/2018 |

Ellen Domb

I experienced great joy today when I read that the TRIZ Journal is being re-launched, under Darrell Mann’s ownership.  I hope that the TRIZ Community will join me in thanking Darrell for taking on this responsibility.  I look … Read More

Update: The TRIZ Journal Expert List

03/11/2016 |

The TRIZ expert list allows TRIZ consultants and those looking for a TRIZ expert a place to connect. Since we made the service free, registrations have increased dramatically, which is great. However, as registrations increase, we have to be careful … Read More

SHERPA CISR Certification Course and Discount for TRIZ Journal Readers

27/10/2016 |

SHERPA Sustainability Institute Offers TRIZ Journal Readers Special Discount to CISR® Certification Course, Including TRIZ Focus

B-Corp Announces Winter Term for CISR® Certified Practitioner Course – Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility, with TRIZ taught throughout and 2 Weeks dedicated to … Read More


13/09/2016 |


Hello fellow TRIZ readers,

For all the TRIZ experts out there, we have big news! We have decided to continue to provide the Expert classifieds list at no charge. We realized that keeping it free opened up many … Read More


28/07/2016 |


Hello fellow TRIZ readers,

Welcome to another exciting issue for The TRIZ Journal. This month was very busy as we launched and fine-tuned the first TRIZ Journal digital tool – the Contradiction Matrix Beta.

This month brings very special … Read More


06/07/2016 |


Hello fellow TRIZ readers,

Welcome to another exciting issue for The TRIZ Journal. As part of our vision to uncover new ways to engage new and existing TRIZ users, we will be developing a suite of digital TRIZ … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s June Issue

02/06/2016 |


Hello fellow TRIZ readers,

The launch of the TRIZ Expert List was successful and we have had many experts join us already! Thank you to all who participated in the early stages; we have heard very … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s May Issue

09/05/2016 |


Hello fellow TRIZ readers.

This is a big month for the journal! We are rolling out the TRIZ Expert List in the next few days, a classifieds of sorts that will allow anyone in training and consulting to list … Read More

The TRIZ Journal Partners with TRIZ Asia for InnovEx Asia 2016

15/04/2016 |

The TRIZ Journal and TRIZ Asia have joined forces for the InnovEx Asia 2016 conference. The journal will be hosting all selected papers from the conference proceedings within a special section of the website and will be accessible to all … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s April Issue

04/04/2016 |



Hello fellow TRIZ readers. This is a big month for the journal! In April we will be rolling out the TRIZ Expert List, a classifieds of sorts that will allow anyone in training and consulting to list … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s March Issue

01/03/2016 |



Hello fellow TRIZ readers. This has been an interesting month as we continue working our ambitious to-do list with the TRIZ expert database, webinars and other digital content, and all-encompassing TRIZ events list. We are also working … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s February Issue

01/02/2016 |



Welcome to yet another exciting month for The TRIZ Journal. Not only do we have some great articles this month, but also, as promised, insights into our survey that I have been pushing so hard the last … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s January Issue

07/01/2016 |

January Issue


Happy New Year! Now that we have taken a sigh of relief and hopefully had time for relaxation, it’s time to take another deep breath and get back to the grind. The TRIZ Journal had a big year – … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s December Issue

01/12/2015 |

December Issue


The year is coming to a close, snow is falling and with the New Year right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about those New Year resolutions. For businesses, the end of the … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s November Issue

02/11/2015 |

November Issue

The November Issue of The TRIZ Journal features three unique additions to the community: one expands our diverse reach into the 40 Principles for industries and the other two focus on how TRIZ can play a significant role … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s October Issue

28/09/2015 |



You may be wondering why we skipped the September Issue. Long story short, moving forward we will be releasing the issues for that month by the first of the month, rather than toward the … Read More

TRIZ Journal’s August Issue

17/08/2015 |



We’re excited to resume monthly issues for The TRIZ Journal, starting with this month’s August issue featuring three recent articles. As the TRIZ Journal evolves, so will our monthly issues. With your … Read More

To All Authors: A Letter from The TRIZ Journal’s New Home

10/06/2015 |

As you may have heard, The TRIZ Journal has a new home with the team at BMGI. We are excited and blessed to have the opportunity to give the Journal the attention and care it deserves, and with your help … Read More

Welcome to the October 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

18/10/2010 |

One of this month’s articles uses ARIZ as an excellent tool to solve problems. And the other explores a set of patents and patent applications that teach various aspects of and proposed improvements on classical TRIZ.Read More