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TRIZ University Takes Off

TRIZ University Takes Off

| On 18, Aug 2020


As increasing numbers of people worldwide are living under lockdown, one of the world’s leading academics in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation has launched an online training course for businesses and individuals across the globe. You can find it at

New online this week, this exciting and pioneering learning platform allows students to follow a structured pathway that reveals the secrets of innovation. Starting with the importance of identifying the problem, it introduces the framework of innovative principles and guides the student through the innovative process, ending with solution generation.

Students will find case studies to follow as well as activities that encourage them to explore their own innovation situations, effectively combining academic interest with practical workplace problems.

The course is delivered through a balanced mix of video lectures, multiple-choice quizzes, essays and resources to read. Based on the teaching programmes of University Professor Darrell Mann, it gives a thorough grounding in the key concepts of TRIZ. Sources close to Professor Mann have also suggested that an MSc course in Systematic Innovation may be following soon.

Primarily aimed at people in industry, seeking practical and cost-effective ways to develop their product, this course is also ideal for individuals who do not have access to traditional college or university courses: inventors who want to realise their own concept; parents who have to fit their learning around the demands of a young family; people who live a long way from a city; those in the developing world who want to enable their own businesses without incurring huge emotional and financial burdens by traveling abroad.

In the current situation of isolation and distancing, this course could offer a perfect solution to people with unexpected study time available. Realising that the lockdown is also causing cash-flow concerns for many, the TRIZ University is offering a Covid-19 bursary.





  1. Hi Darrell,

    TRIZ University is a great initiative for budding inventors.
    The link however is not working on my laptop. Is it functional yet?

    • Kobus Cilliers

      Do try it again without the fullstop at the end or try clicking on it and let us know.