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Evolution Potential Hierarchies

08/03/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Although widely established as a means of analyzing the maturity of a system, and for guiding the generation of future evolution direction ideas, there continues to be confusion over how to get the best out of the Evolution … Read More

S-Fields & System Evolution

16/01/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Truth be told, I’m not the world’s biggest user of the S-Field tool. I find myself teaching it far more often than I am using it in anger. Partly, I think, because other tools have kind of superseded … Read More

Laws of Evolution

01/01/2010 |

Dear TRIZ community,As I am currently investigating in theories of system evolution patterns, I ask myself if there exist other theories for laws of evolution. Currently, I could already find Lehman&#Read More

Two Patterns of Evolution for Technological Systems

07/12/2009 |

There are many patterns of evolution. In this paper, the authors discuss two frequently encountered patterns: transition to a high-level system and increasing ideality.Read More

Evolution of Browsers and Google Chrome – TRIZing it

18/10/2008 |

Prakasan Kappoth

Couple of years back I was explaining the Ideal Final Result (IFR) concept to our engineers (Computer engineers) using the example of “search”. The question we tried to answer; what is the IFR for the function (for consumers) search. … Read More

Explore the Future of TRIZ with the Trends of Evolution

05/05/2008 |

TRIZ was born, developed and became a problem-solving method for technology, manufacturing, society and nature. The basis of TRIZ is the objective trends of natural evolution, and therefore TRIZ is a practical part of the theory of evolution.Read More

Eight New Trends – Or Examples of Well-known Trends of Evolution

09/04/2008 |

Ellen Domb

Consultants write articles for a lot of reasons.  Two leading reasons are (1) A genuine desire to share their research with the world (2) To show how smart they are, to get people interested in hiring them.          

Since I … Read More

Using Trends of Evolution to Direct Wound Treatments

01/10/2007 |

With the advent of systematic approach in studies, research in medicine started focusing on proactive and fast healing of wound. The challenge for science now lies in reducing wound healing times and in quickly reducing wound sizes.Read More

Predictable Futures: Using Patterns of System Evolution

30/07/2007 |

James Todhunter

Recently, a colleague asked me if the Patterns of System Evolution from TRIZ could be used by non-TRIZ practitioners.  At first the question struck me as being rather odd; it seemed sort of like asking if a map could … Read More

Innovation or Evolution?

14/03/2007 |

Michael Cyger

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “All Companies Need Innovation; Hasbro Finds a New Magic” (2/26/07, page B1). I immediately got excited to read that title because a) most of my formidable years were … Read More

Abstract of Book Evolution Trees

13/12/2006 |

Nikolay Shpakovsky PhD, TRIZ specialist Company “TRIZ-profi”, Moscow

About the book The book presented by this abstract is an expanded and enlarged version of the electronic book “Processing of Technical and Patent Information by Using Evolution Trees” developed jointly with … Read More

Evolution Trends in Nuclear Soil Logging Tools

09/11/2006 |

Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant Roustem Kourmaev, P.E., President Advanced Technologies International, Inc.

Richardson, Texas, USA

Evolution of technical systems in TRIZ is described by series of classical S-curves (1). We have experience in developing nuclear logging tools for … Read More

Trends and patterns of evolution for product innovation

01/10/2006 |

Noel Leon, Prof. Dr., (Presenter) Center for Innovation in Products and Technology, Tec de Monterrey, (CIDYT, ITESM) Tel. +52 81 81582012, Fx. +52 81 83284005 Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada #2501 Sur Col. Tecnológico, 64849 Monterrey, NL, México

ABSTRACT Perhaps … Read More

Dynamization evolution of Dry Etch Tools in Semiconductor Device Fabrication

02/12/2005 |

By: Gordon Cameron

Abstract Engineering Systems follow recognized trends of evolution; the main parameters of a system will evolve driven by the competitive need to increase value. This article provides an overview of the Trend and sub-trends of Increasing Dynamization. … Read More

ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies Newsletter, TRIZ — the next Evolution in Problem Solving, JULY 2005

28/08/2005 |

The Altshuller Institute is a busy place this summer. We have several projects that will keep us occupied. Victor Fey will be continuing to develop the AI Certification program. Hopefully, we will have a formal draft for review by the … Read More

Transfer to the microlevel as one of the main display evolution trends

16/08/2005 |

By: N. Shpakovsky

Evolution Trees are among of the main tools of analyzing a technical system and forecasting its evolution which is used for strategic planning. In addition, this approach may be effectively used for by-passing patents of competing … Read More

Altshuller Institute for TRIZ – Studies Newsletter TRIZ — the next Evolution in Problem Solving

20/02/2005 |

Dear Ellen, Happy New Year !!! With the beginning of a new year, we are also using a new and upgraded format for our ENewsletter. I hope that you like the new format. The Institute expects that 2005 will be … Read More

ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies Newsletter TRIZ – the next Evolution in Problem Solving AUGUST 2004

27/10/2004 |

Summer Book Sellathon… The Altshuller Institute is kicking off it’s Summer Book Sellathon. This promotion is to help members of the institute to export TRIZ information on a grand scale. In an effort to provide 1000’s of individuals with a … Read More

Universal Scheme of Evolution – Theory and Practice

18/06/2004 |

The transdisciplinary unification within the sciences can most fruitfully take evolution as the basic concept. The theory will describe the various phases and facets of the evolutionary process with invariant general laws. The laws will enable investigators to describe the … Read More

Applying the TRIZ Principles of Technological Evolution to Customer Requirement Based Vehicle Concepts – Experience Report –

14/03/2004 |

Dr. Eckhard Schueler-Hainsch and Dr. Christine Ahrend DaimlerChrysler Society and Technology Research Group Berlin, Germany

Introduction One of the major tasks of the DaimlerChrysler „Society and Technology Research Group – STRG“ is observing the development of the … Read More