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Re-Thinking Physical Contradictions #2: Business Problems

08/07/2018 |

Darrell Mann

It feels like a long time ago, because – embarrassingly – it was a long time ago. April 2017 to be precise, and Issue 181 of this ezine, was the place where we started our re-think of the … Read More

Re-Thinking Physical Contradictions #1: Technical Problems

13/03/2018 |

Darrell Mann

The least well evolved of all the TRIZ tools feels more and more like the Physical Contradiction story. The more time and energy we devote to updating the Contradiction Matrix tool, the more the Physical Contradiction part seems … Read More


01/02/2016 |

Yonni, Fernandoa,b, Requena Carlosa,b, MalinauskasAgustinac

a.UCA, Facultad de Cs. Fisicomatemáticas e Ingeniería. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1500.

C1107AAZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

b.UTNFRGP, H. Irigoyen 288, Gral. Pacheco, Partido de Tigre, Prov. de Buenos Aires.

c.UBA, Facultad de Ingeniería, Av. … Read More

Applying TRIZ in Water and Electricity Problems

07/01/2016 |

Rudzidatul Akmam Dziyauddina*, Sahnius Usmanb*, Haslaile Abdullaha*

aUTM RAZAK School, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Jalan Semarak, 54100 Kuala Lumpur

bUTM SPACE, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Jalan Semarak, 54100 Kuala Lumpur

*Corresponding authors:



Electricity and water services are vital to … Read More


11/11/2015 |

Originally published by Mike Carter in Questline July 30, 2015

A significant portion of our work days can involve problem solving. Many work challenges present themselves as apparent contradictions. How can I establish a personal relationship with each of my … Read More

Can TRIZ Be Applicable in Solving Any Problems?

01/01/2010 |

Hello everyone!I have been reading your posts for sometime now, however, I have never posted any question, nor answer any of them by myself. Having some knowledge in TRIZ methodology, I would like toRead More

Systematic Clustering of Business Problems

01/12/2008 |

Using the 40 inventive principles of TRIZ to solve problems in business is systematically and scientifically reproducible.Read More

Case Study: Use TRIZ to Solve Complex Business Problems

06/10/2008 |

In this case study a direct contradiction is visible: to reduce the dependence on distributors and increase the territories and customer base (improves), which impacts (worsens) the existing revenue model, losing the customer base and adding competition.Read More

TRIZ: Solving Problems in Outer and Inner Space

05/11/2007 |

The value of TRIZ is demonstrated in small projects as often as it is demonstrated in large projects. One project can have numerous problems with one inventive solution that can lead to more opportunities for ideality.Read More

Application of Rca+ to Solve Business Problems

05/02/2007 |

This paper presents a basic process for solving business and management problems using a combination of classical TRIZ and additional techniques to organize a systematic approach to all phases of the problem solving process.Read More

Framework for solving Global problems-A case study using TRIZ

22/08/2006 |

Abhisek Bhowmik 602 537 3928(O) 480 626 2505(H) or Business Analyst Infosys Technologies Limited 10835, N 25th Avenue, Suite 300 Phoenix-AZ 85029 Phone 480 655 3579

Introduction TRIZ was originally derived from the analysis of patents related to … Read More

Do you have problems?

11/04/2006 |

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Heuristics for Solving Technical Problems – Theory, Derivation, Application

16/01/2005 |

Abstract Heuristics used by engineers and scientists in solving design-type problems are the non-algorithmic, empirical tricks, tools, and techniques learned academically and from experience. They do not solve problems. Instead they give pause to look at problems in different ways … Read More

MEET – OPEN PROBLEMS: Two cases from practice

13/08/2004 |

By Anatoly Guin, Universal Solver Lab, Head

Thirty “brains” – winners of school Olympiads – were combat-ready. They had just been given problems to solve, and the countdown had begun… Twenty minutes later I came up to one apparently … Read More

ASIT Case Study: Parking Problems

04/05/2004 |

Editor’s note: Dr. Roni Horowitz, author of the ASIT newsletter, and a frequent contributor to The TRIZ Journal, asked his newsletter readers to contribute their case studies. Then, more than a thousand readers voted on the best cases. The TRIZ … Read More

Solving Contradictions Problems Related To Safety Integration In Design Process

18/01/2004 |

Abstract: Taking into account of safety on both design and exploitation levels highlights management contradictions comprising technical, economic or human aspects. For example the choice of powerful but expensive technical solution on design level, could has an immediate benefit and/or … Read More

Applying TRIZ to Software Problems – Creatively Bridging Academia and Practice in Computing

14/10/2002 |

This article was first published in the proceedings of TRIZCON2002, The Altshuller Institute Conference, May, 2002.

Kevin C. Rea, Principle Consultant REA Consulting E-mail: Web site:

1. Abstract

The … Read More

Use of Altshuller’s Matrix for solving slag problems related to steering knuckle (second part)

01/04/2002 |

TRIZ case study in firm of Mexico


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Use of Altshuller’s Matrix for Solving Slag Problems Related to Steering Knuckle (Part I of II)

15/03/2002 |

Use of Altshuller’s Matrix for Solving Slag Problems Related to Steering Knuckle (Part I of II)

TRIZ case study in the process industry


The “Sabotage Model” or how to find the cause to difficult and mysterious problems: The case of Recovery Boiler compound tube corrosion

29/10/2000 |

By: Pentti Soderlin

Pentti Soderlin, Management Consultant Helsinki, Finland

Background The recovery boiler is a part of chemical pulping process where chemicals are recovered and the calorific value of waste, the black liquor, is used to produce steam for … Read More