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Mission, Vision & Values


To make sense of the world’s innovation knowledge to enable meaningful change.


To see TRIZ and related tools and methods take their rightful place at the forefront of the innovation mainstream.




Inclusive means no-one is excluded, but more importantly means that we welcome differences of opinion. ‘How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.’ So said physicist Niels Bohr. TRIZ is in the both/and business, ‘or’ is not in our vocabulary. Conflict-progress-conflict-progress-conflict-progress…


Progressive means we know TRIZ is an ongoing journey to reveal the DNA of innovation and that means we’re always exploring and looking forwards. Innovators rarely worry about theory. Their job is to break rules in order to find better ones. We like innovation stories because they provide clues about how best to re-write better rules. Academics – another important part of the TRIZ evolution story – are tasked with making sense of the innovator’s work, re-writing the rules and communicating them so we don’t as a society keep repeating the same mistakes. True progress is only possible when the innovators and the academics work together: advance-theorise-advance-theorise-advance-theorise…


Incisive means we recognise everyone is busy and has limited time available to take on board new ways of thinking. It’s very easy to make TRIZ impenetrable to newcomers. In some ways, those that have devoted the most time to learning TRIZ have the least incentive to make it easy for others to learn. This is a contradiction we seek to solve by making the needles in the TRIZ haystack easy to find, easy to learn and easy to deploy. TRIZ needs success stories and it needs them sooner rather than later. Right now in the evolutionary journey we aren’t in the business of demanding users spend months making sense of convoluted, badly-written hay, but rather offering up insight in a way that enables the creation of (and hopefully publication of) a sea of tangible success stories that in turn enable the creation of a virtuous cycle: success-insight-success-insight-success…


Innovative – innovation means ‘successful step-change’. By this criterion, 98% of all innovation attempts end in failure. From day one, TRIZ has been about understanding the difference between successful and unsuccessful solutions. Today, we are the only community on the planet that understands how to help our clients, organisations and students ensure they end up in the 2% and not the 98%. We need to be innovative in how we get the story out to them. We need to live what we preach