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Systematic Innovation Conference

13/09/2019 |

An exciting event co-sponsored by the Systemic & Systematic Innovation Special Interest Group (SISIG) of the IEEE UK & Ireland and 3M

Systemic and Systematic Innovation Special Interest group (is pleased to announce its second meeting in 2019 as part … Read More

Testing the impact of Systematic Innovation training in the NHS

07/12/2018 |

John Sainsbury, Pauline Found, John Bicheno, Darrell Mann


The study was inspired by the twofold challenge, posed by Birdi, Leach and Magadley (2012), to determine whether TRIZ training is as effective for managers faced with management problems, as it … Read More

The 10th International Conference on Systematic Innovation (ICSI) & the 9th Global Competition on Systematic Innovation (GCSI)

06/11/2018 |


Date: July 08-11, 2019, Liverpool, UK Web: E-mail:



  • International Society of Innovation Methods (I-SIM)
  • The Society of Systematic Innovation (SSI)
  • The University of Liverpool Management School (Local Host)
  • Read More


04/10/2016 |

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  3. Day at the Museum – A resource for teaching and learning TRIZ

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02/05/2016 |

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  2. Multi-Screen Analysis for Innovation Roadmapping
  3. Day at the Museum – A resource for teaching and learning TRIZ

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TRIZ and Systematic Business Model Innovation

01/12/2015 |

ICG Training and Consulting, The Netherlands

Published in the Proceedings of  the “TRIZ Future  Conference 2010”, Bergamo, Italy, November 3-5, 2010, Bergamo University Press, pp 189-197. ISBN: 978-88-9633359-4


The paper presents an approach to Business Model Innovation based on … Read More

Day 3 Report: First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

25/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The conference banquet on Monday night was held in the university’s reception hall.   We sat at large round tables and shared many dishes, which enhanced the opportunities for conference delegates to get to know each other.  The banquet was … Read More

Day 2 Report: First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

24/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The tutorial speaker for day 2 at the Systematic Innovation Conference  is Professor Jay Lee, whose primary work is at the U. of Cincinnati in the US and Shanghai Jia Tong University in China.   His talk on “Dominant Design … Read More

Report from First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

23/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

This conference has been planned for over a year, and features many innovations in conference organization, as well as the many papers, tutorials, and discussions of all aspects of systematic innovation.   For example, tutorial sessions were planned for Saturday … Read More

Systematic Innovation: in Which Way?

01/01/2010 |

Systematic Innovation is often used as a label for the best ever thought about innovation. But what does it mean exactly? Is it another title for TRIZ (see Terninko/Zusman/Zlotin) or, even, DFSS? Is iRead More

TRIZ & Systematic Innovation Enhances Hoshin Kanri

02/11/2009 |

This paper reviews the contradiction that gave rise to Hoshin Kanri and uses the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)/Systematic Innovation (SI) to explain the results.Read More

Systematic Clustering of Business Problems

01/12/2008 |

Using the 40 inventive principles of TRIZ to solve problems in business is systematically and scientifically reproducible.Read More

Systematic (Software) Innovation..

09/11/2008 |

Prakasan Kappoth

“…over the history of software development there have not been that many innovations..” I must have heard this statement elsewhere in some forum, but now this is the base for a new TRIZ for software innovation book recently launched. … Read More

Beyond TRIZ – the World of Systematic Innovation

01/10/2007 |

TRIZ is featured on, but so are a variety of other systematic innovation methods and tools. The following is a taste of what you may have missed by not reading each Monday’s featured article on Real Innovation.Read More

Why is Systematic Innovation So Hard?

07/03/2007 |

Michael Cyger

Jessica Harper, managing editor of iSixSigma Magazine, and I have been discussing the upcoming July/August issue of the magazine focused on innovation. We had what we thought was a simple idea for the cover story: find a company that … Read More

Why Reinvent The Wheel? The Efficacy Of Systematic Problem Solving Method TRIZ And Its Value For Innovation In Engineering And Its Implications For Engineering Management

12/08/2006 |

By: Dr. Paul R. Filmore, Dr. Pete Thomond Dr. Paul R. Filmore Senior Lecturer School of Computing, Communications & Electronics University of Plymouth UK

And Dr. Pete Thomond Innovation Consultant The Insight Centre Ltd UK

ABSTRACT The engineering … Read More

Review: Systematic Innovation Newsletter by CREAX

07/07/2005 |

Reviewed by: Ralph Czerepinski, Marco Aurelio de Carvahlo

Details: Free, on-line. Past issues are linked together. Go to to subscribe, or to to see one issue.

Since the beginning of 2005, those of us fortunate to be … Read More

Systematic Innovation E-Zine

25/05/2005 |

Reviewed by Fabiano de Luca, Marco Aurelio de Carvalho, Peter Schweitzer, Ellen Domb Subscriptions:

Published monthly. TRIZ Journal readers have been big fans of Darrell Mann’s books Matrix 2003, Hands on Systematic Innovation, and Hands on Systematic Innovation … Read More

ANALYSIS MANAGEMENT: TRIZ and Systematic Innovation – An Overview

18/03/2005 |

This article will also be published in the April 2005 issue of the Australian magazine, Manufacturers Monthly. Dr. Ahmed offered it to The TRIZ Journal to be used by people who need a short explanation of what TRIZ is, and … Read More

Book Review: Hands on Systematic Innovation for Business and Management by Darrell Mann

22/09/2004 |

Reviewed by: Michael S. Slocum

Hands on Systematic Innovation for Business and Management is published by IFR Press, and can be ordered from their bookstore at Hardback, 539 pages. £40 plus shipping.

This book is the follow-on to the … Read More