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Innovation of an agricultural system to harvest and sow simultaneously using TRIZ

09/04/2020 |

Jaime Cuauhtémoc Negrete


At present, in Mexico the food is not enough that its inhabitants demand and there are large sectors that do not have adequate access to them. Among other things, this situation contributes to the degradation of … Read More

Patent of the Month – Tissue Preservation System

13/01/2019 |

Darrell Mann

Currently, doctors have to throw away more than 80 percent of donated tissue used for joint replacements because the tissue does not survive long enough to be transplanted. Now, following a recent study, University of Missouri School of … Read More

ABC-M, SCARF And Self-Esteem As A System

15/04/2018 |

Darrell Mann

In any organization, there are people that we manage, and people who manage us. Getting the most out of the people we manage – in a nice way – is the secret of good management. And sometimes, we … Read More

Law Of System Completeness Hierarchies

22/01/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Constructing Function and Attribute Analysis (FAA) models is one of my least favourite TRIZ-related activities. At the same time as trying to avoid drawing them, I also know it’s the most important problem definition job I have to … Read More

S-Fields & System Evolution

16/01/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Truth be told, I’m not the world’s biggest user of the S-Field tool. I find myself teaching it far more often than I am using it in anger. Partly, I think, because other tools have kind of superseded … Read More

Generalization of the System of Standard Solutions for Inventive Problem Solving

28/07/2016 |

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  2. Innovating From The Top – Method, Myth, or Madness?
  3. Multi-Screen Analysis for Innovation Roadmapping

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Using the TRIZ System Operator to compare traditional product development to crowdsourced product development

01/12/2015 |

Previously published in TRIZ Future 2013

Timothy Brewera, Ellen Dombb

aTimothy Brewer Design, 1740 Raymond Hill Road, #3, South Pasadena, CA 91030, USA

bPQR Group, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland CA 91786 USA


The emergence of … Read More

Case Study with TRIZ: Allocation System for a Processing Machine

22/09/2015 |

Previously Published in TRIZfest 2014

Dipl.-Ing. Horst Th. Nählera, Dipl.-Kulturwiss. Barbara Gronauerb

ac4pi – Center for Product-Innovation, Hünfeld, 36088, Germany

bStrategieInnovation, Hünfeld, 36088, Germany



This case study presents the new development of an allocation system by using TRIZ … Read More

Su-Field Analysis for Information Processing System

02/06/2015 |

Contributing Author: German Voronov

Originally presented at TRIZfest 2013; Proceedings Page 9

Keywords: Su-Field Analysis, Data, Function, Knowledge, Information Processing System.


1. Problem formulation

In this paper, we present a new concept of Su-Field analysis adapted for information processing … Read More

Contradiction in Non Technical System

01/01/2010 |

this is my first message to the froum and would like to say hello every body. And this is my question, how contradiction matrix would be used for a non technical system e.g. a management system.bestRead More

Csat and the System Operator

01/01/2010 |

While going thru the Case Study: Pizza and the System Operator for Teaching, on 9-windows, I thought of trying to put Low Customer Satisfaction (from a service industry) as a problem.Could someone heRead More

The Complete Technical System and System Operator

04/08/2008 |

Applying CTS and the system operator model enhance the creativity of the solutions; viewing the core process of a call center, where a service technician works with a customer, revealed an immediate opportunity for improvement.Read More

Case Study: Consummate System for Valve Travel Stop

05/05/2008 |

This case study elaborates upon the principles and processes described in "Instruments for Designing Consummate Systems." Consider the system of a centrifugal wall pump and of its valve travel stop specifically.Read More

Case Study: Pizza and the System Operator for Teaching

03/03/2008 |

The system operator is a powerful tool when used as part of the integrated TRIZ methodology, but it is also a simple tool that beginners can use very quickly.Read More

Complete Technical System Generates Problem Definitions

03/12/2007 |

Introducing TRIZ into many corporate environments requires first resolving the contradiction of the desire for comprehensive understanding and sophisticated problem solving without spending any time learning either.Read More

Predictable Futures: Using Patterns of System Evolution

30/07/2007 |

James Todhunter

Recently, a colleague asked me if the Patterns of System Evolution from TRIZ could be used by non-TRIZ practitioners.  At first the question struck me as being rather odd; it seemed sort of like asking if a map could … Read More

Applying the Law of the Completeness of a Technological System to Formulate a Problem

01/01/2007 |

The complete technological system (CTS) is a useful teaching template for the use of analogy in problem solving, to help students understand the relationship between their own problem, an example and an abstract principle.Read More

TOYOTrizzed: How the celebrated TOYOTA Production System is a TRIZ derivative

15/12/2005 |

By: Ankit Aggarwal, Sundeep Kumar, Tuhina Sikor

This paper is an attempt to showcase & link how one of the world’s most celebrated techniques in manufacturing management and systems employed by TOYOTA are but a derivative of TRIZ.

1. … Read More

Transactional TRIZ, Theory, Application, and Execution, Part III: The Full System

23/11/2005 |

By: Jack Stuart

This series of articles will make the case for a version of TRIZ that applies for transactional, service or business applications. The first article addressed the relationship between intelligent problem analysis, creativity and components of creative … Read More

Integrating Ideality with the System Operator – Part 1: A Tutorial – Applied to the Bullwhip Effect

18/06/2004 |

Benjamin Martin Carolina Technical Solutions, Inc. Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27010, U.S.A. Dr. Timothy G. Clapp North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina 27695, U.S.A. Dr. Jeffrey A. Joines North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina 27695, U.S.A.

Read More