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01/03/2016 |
  1. Petrova

a Raanana, 6/4 Klauzner St. 43367, Israel



TRIZ includes a number of tools. It can be difficult for a beginner solver to properly select a specific TRIZ tool, or a group of tools and … Read More

A New Approach to Su-Field: Structural Analysis

27/07/2015 |

Key words: Su-Field Analysis, Structural Analysis, substance, field, Element, Action, Knowledge, Data, Function.


  1. Introduction

Su-Field analysis was developed by G.Altshuller [1]. In addition, he formulated the Su-Field increasing degree law and describes its mechanisms [2] and [3].

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Su-Field Analysis for Information Processing System

02/06/2015 |

Contributing Author: German Voronov

Originally presented at TRIZfest 2013; Proceedings Page 9

Keywords: Su-Field Analysis, Data, Function, Knowledge, Information Processing System.


1. Problem formulation

In this paper, we present a new concept of Su-Field analysis adapted for information processing … Read More