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Csat and the System Operator

Csat and the System Operator

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1283
Posted by: Yatin Ubhaykar
Posted on: Thursday, 3rd April 2008

While going thru the Case Study: Pizza and the System Operator for Teaching, on 9-windows, I thought of trying to put Low Customer Satisfaction (from a service industry) as a problem.

Could someone help me with what would constitute Sub-system and super-system in such case? What could be the past & future columns. Need guidance.

Message: 1284
Posted by: Prakash
Posted on: Friday, 4th April 2008

Yatin,The ideal way to start with a 9-window is to take the part of problem you mentioned as the system-present. It could be “customer satisfaction” in the system-present. You can also identify several stake holder's in a problem like this. If you look at this problem from you (system-present)as a service provider, your sub-system present could probably be the people involved in, the process, tools, systems etc. You can look at the past as, before your provide some services to customer (such initiating a sale, your internal process for getting a sales, accounting etc), and future could be after you provide service. The super-system for you as a service provider could be, customer, your partner, competitors, etc., and their past and future. I suggest you look at this from multiple stake holder's perspective. Do a 9-Windows for your customer as a system-present, and you should see some interesting point coming out.

You may understand more about this from a paper published in TRIZ-Journal sometime back;