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Short Thort

29/04/2020 |

Darrell Mann

“The time we need in order to heal our wounds and finally manifest our deepest dreams is only as long as the gap between two thoughts. These are thoughts in polarity, such as separation and unity, … Read More

Wow In Music – I’m Not In Love

15/04/2020 |

Darrell Mann

There aren’t many songs that get hour-long documentaries written about them 10cc’s 1975 hit ‘I’m Not In Love’ is one of them. It became a worldwide smash, not only topping the UK charts but also reaching number two … Read More

Not So Funny – 3D Stupid

01/04/2020 |

Darrell Mann

The 3D-printing revolution is in full swing. We can now 3D-print just about anything. Including a few things we probably shouldn’t.

For some reason food seems to be an early target:

I think my favourite is Mobius-Bacon…

Read More

Short Thort – Peter J Ratcliffe

26/03/2020 |

Darrell Mann

Professor Peter J Ratcliffe won the Nobel Prize this month for discovering the mechanisms that our cells use to detect and respond to low oxygen levels, known as ‘hypoxia’. This is a rejection letter he received when he … Read More

Wow In Music – Tiny Dancer

18/03/2020 |

Darrell Mann

In the 12 October edition of the Guardian newspaper there was a big section in which various celebrities had posed questions for Elton John to answer. I’m not sure how the newspaper’s editors managed it, but one of … Read More

Not So Funny – 40 Inventive Nature Principles

04/03/2020 |

Darrell Mann

1. Segmentation 2. Taking Out 3. Local Quality 4. Asymmetry 5. Merging 6. Universality 7. ‘Nested Doll’ 8. Counterweight 9. Prior Counter-Action 10. Prior Action 11. Prior Cushioning 12. Remove Tension 13. ‘The Other Way Round’ 14. Spheroidality/Rotation … Read More

Short Thort – Tightrope

28/02/2020 |

Darrell Mann

Innovation Tightrope #155: managers want to challenge solutions, but don’t want their questions challenged; engineers want to challenge questions, but don’t want their solutions challenged…

…innovators have no (ABC-M) ego.

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Wow In Music – Just The Way You Are

19/02/2020 |

Darrell Mann

One of the funniest things I ever saw on television happened about twenty years ago when a very hip and trendy TV music programme invited Paul McCartney onto the show for an interview. It was a big coup, … Read More

Not So Funny – I Fought The Law…

05/02/2020 |

Darrell Mann

As we all know, innovation starts with breaking rules. The Laws of Physics, for example, make for very good rule-breaking innovation opportunity-finding targets. Except out-thinking people like Einstein can sometimes be hard work. For easier to find dumber … Read More

Short Thort

29/01/2020 |

Darrell Mann

“You’re thinking too much, just let it flow.” E. Paluszak


Two Different Kinds Of Flow:

The Creative Kind:

“And it was then I began to realize for the … Read More

Wow In Music – Thing Called Love

15/01/2020 |

Darrell Mann

This section of the ezine feels more and more like a Hall of Fame for under-appreciated musicians. We continue the theme this month with John Hiatt, surely one of the greatest American singer-songwriters of the last fifty years. … Read More

Not So Funny – Merging

01/01/2020 |

Darrell Mann

We’ve had occasion to examine the power of Inventive Principle 5, Merging, several times in the past. The trick with using this Principle is to find combinations that are non-obvious, but at the same time where the elements … Read More

Short Thort

30/12/2019 |

Darrell Mann

If the problem is Complicated, the Five Pillars of (technical) TRIZ are sufficient. The moment the problem becomes complex, two additional Pillars need to be brought to bear if the problem is to be solved effectively:


Read More

Wow In Music – Driving With The Brakes On

18/12/2019 |

Darrell Mann

It’s difficult for me to think of a band more criminally underrated than Del Amitri. I can’t think of a weak track across the course of their half dozen albums released between 1985 and 2002 – including some … Read More

Not So Funny – You Had One (Principle 17) Job

04/12/2019 |

Darrell Mann

No shortcuts. It should be everyone’s mantra. Like these people:

…especially important when kids are involved…

…so they grow up to be the kind of public servants we need them to be…

…always ready … Read More

Short Thort

30/11/2019 |

Darrell Mann

“That which is not measurable is not science. That which is not physics is stamp collecting.” Sir Ernest Rutherford

“The more physics you have the less engineering you need.” Sir … Read More

Wow In Music – Take It With Me

20/11/2019 |

Darrell Mann

First up, no-one – no-one – writes lyrics like Tom Waits. He has the rare knack of hitting a nerve. The song ‘Take It With Me’ from his 1999 album, Mule Variations represents something of a high-point … Read More

Call for examples of Inventive Principles in Health and Social Care settings.

12/11/2019 |

John Sainsbury

The use of Systematic Innovation is generating some attention in health and social care settings in the UK. Workshops are proving effective in analysing problems and providing strong innovative solutions. Problem exploration tools have enabled workshop participants to … Read More

Not So Funny – Double Standards

06/11/2019 |

Darrell Mann

We live in a strange world. Usually, these days, a world in which we’re all forced into personalized filter bubbles that makes us less and less able to empathise with people holding views different to our own. Irony … Read More

Short Thort

30/10/2019 |

Darrell Mann

“It is because Humanity has never known where it was going that it has been able to find its way.” Oscar Wilde




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