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Can TRIZ Be Applicable in Solving Any Problems?

Can TRIZ Be Applicable in Solving Any Problems?

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1674
Posted by: Emil Sagal
Posted on: Tuesday, 13th October 2009

Hello everyone!

I have been reading your posts for sometime now, however, I have never posted any question, nor answer any of them by myself. Having some knowledge in TRIZ methodology, I would like to ask everyone who reads these post the following question: “If TRIZ is so good in solving technical or non-technical problems, then why it can't be applied (with some apropriate tuning) to solve any other human problems, such as:

  • logic puzzles and problems including logic quizes and brain teasers
  • health problems including dignostics
  • corporate tasks inluding new products development and decision making
  • marketing strategies including plan of action
  • financial investment including risk capital assessement
  • others
It seems that TRIZ is so powerful and used by thousands of people around the globe that, I am sure, there is someone who has already solved this global problem by applying TRIZ methodology to any existing problem of any nature.

Please respond.

Emil Sagal, Toronto, Canada

Message: 1675
Posted by: Prakash
Posted on: Wednesday, 14th October 2009

Hi Emil,The question for your question is, “why can't the problems you mentioned here be technical or non-technical”, and the answer is there in the question itself.

However, to elaborate this, TRIZ has been applied in all the classification of the problems, except may be the first one you mentioned(Logic puzzles). The logic puzzles are based on “logics”, and TRIZ is about creativity. However, you can find several examples on applying TRIZ for lateral thinking problems (just use some principles)

Health problem including diagnostics. There is even a paper published in TRIZ Journal (Check the Archives), and I have heard companies like Seimens using TRIZ for creating new medical device.

Suggest you to check out The TRIZ Journal archives and plenty of case studies are available for all the area you mentioned, except “other” 🙂


Message: 1680
Posted by: Michael Lyubomirskiy
Posted on: Friday, 16th October 2009


both “corporate tasks inluding (sic 🙂 ) new products development and decision making” and “marketing strategies including plan of action” can indeed be developed using TRIZ principles, especially by means of using function analysis for studying and improving existing approaches. Come to think of it, “new products development” is all about inventing new and improving existing products (whether yours or your competitors') so sure enough TRIZ techniques are very relevant here. In practice, few people in the TRIZ community have bothered to look into the use of function analysis for these purposes, but I happen to be one of them 🙂

“financial investment including risk capital assessement” – this is a bit too much thrown together. TRIZ does not give you ways to make up numbers and claim that they reflect the reality of risk, probability, expected ROI etc. If you want that, go to your nearest credit score bureau and they will make up AAA numbers galore for all your toxic investment needs :). TRIZ approach CAN, however, do things like identify useful market niches and figure out if a particular area is a bubble or a rising industry. In other words, just like you can use TRIZ to create new products for your own company, so you can use it to evaluate how good is another company (like the one you want to invest in) at creating and selling useful products vs its competition.