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The Importance of Innovation Timing: the Fickle Consumer

05/05/2008 |

Knowing when to launch a new product or service is difficult. The challenge is particularly great when the innovations directly interact with consumers. Critical information can be obtained by studying the voice of the consumer and market demand.Read More

The Importance of Good Innovation Habits

18/07/2007 |

James Todhunter

Over on the Innovate On Purpose blog, Jeffrey Phillips talks about making ideation productive.  He makes three key points.

First, enterprises should take on a proactive approach to innovation.  This is undeniably true.  The practice of waiting for the … Read More

The Importance of Time Dependence in Functional Modeling

02/12/2002 |

By: Joe Miller and Ellen Domb

Joe Miller Quality Process Consulting, USA

Ellen Domb The PQR Group, USA

Abstract Several methods of modeling systems are common in TRIZ for problem solving, system simplification, and improvement. Subject – Action– Object models … Read More