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TRIZ Journal's January Issue

TRIZ Journal’s January Issue

| On 07, Jan 2016

January Issue


Happy New Year! Now that we have taken a sigh of relief and hopefully had time for relaxation, it’s time to take another deep breath and get back to the grind. The TRIZ Journal had a big year – sold and acquired, got a new design, and hopefully is on track with providing more and more value to our readers!

With that said, many of you have taken the time to respond to the survey. Thank you for your time and thoughts! We continue to learn more about what you as the reader is asking for and what adjacent areas The TRIZ Journal could get involved in, such as digital content, events, etc. Keep an eye on next month, as we will release more of the details of the survey. If you are yet to take the survey, we would greatly appreciate your time. It means a great deal and will have tremendous influence on what path the journal will take in coming months.

Thank you for being a continued TRIZ Journal supporter!

If you would like to submit an article or have thoughts on how to improve the issues, please contact me at I look forward to connecting with each of you personally via email or LinkedIn.

Derek Bennington
Managing Director

 TRIZ Journal Linkedin Group




Make Your Voice Heard!

January marks a new year for the journal, and with that comes new exciting ways to make it that much more valuable. We have learned a lot in our first year; however, we would love to hear your feedback. Below is a link to the initial readership survey. The more we hear from you, the more we can forge the right path going forward. Thank you for your support! Take the Survey




By Jack Hipple 

Human factors and ergonomics is the area of science relating to the relationship between workers, their work place environment, and the equipment used to perform their jobs. This can be as simple as how a person interacts with a PC or as complex as how an automobile assembly worker inserts seats into a car on an assembly line. Read More


Does the TRIZ Community Use TRIZ?

By Darrel Mann “Take my advice – I’m not using it.” 

It would be fair to say that in most parts of the world, TRIZ has been in something of a tailspin for the last few years. For the last few months, the TRIZ community – if there can be said to be such a thing when half of the TRIZniks refuse to be in the same room as the other half – has decided something must be done to put things right.Read More



Applying TRIZ in Water and Electricity Problems

By Rudzidatul Akmam Dziyauddin, Sahnius Usman, Haslaile Abdullah 

Electricity and water services are vital to human daily activities. It is a big challenge to a developing country, such as Malaysia, to supply a consistent electricity and water for its industrial and domestic usages. Read More