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Business Week Article

01/01/2010 |

I'm a bit late on posting this, but I didn't get to last week's Business Week until now. The cover was about the top 25 innovative companies. Was anyone able to find specifics about the meRead More

TRIZ Whizz Article

01/01/2010 |'m not an expert in TRIZ, so I'd like to hear from the TRIZniks on this site about the 8 trends? I haven't seeeRead More

Article Submissions

01/01/2010 |

We've had some troubles of late with article submissions not getting through to the editorial team. If you've submitted an article in the last two months and not received a personal reply fromRead More

Letter: Khomenko article in June 2006

24/07/2006 |


I enjoyed reading Nikolai Khomenko’s article in the June TRIZ-Journal and look forward to the rest of his series of articles. However, … Read More

Reply to comments on the article “Su-Field: An Educational Example of Inventive Problem Solving in Electrical Engineering”

24/04/2006 |

by Antonio Cesar Lettieri, Takashi Yoneyama

As authors of the January/2006 article, “Su-Field: An Educational Example of Inventive Problem Solving in Electrical Engineering”, we would like to contribute with some additional material based on the comments by Richard Kaplan, published … Read More

Mitosis of TRIZ (continuation of the article « the Vector of development of TRIZ passes through “NonTRIZ”: program article»)

18/12/2003 |

Y.Danilovsky (e-mail:, V.Mitrofanov (e-mail: D.Shevchenko (e-mail: Laboratory of innovative research “SHOW SIN” ( International university of scientific and technical creativity (Saint Petersburg – Boston) 193036 Saint Petersburg, 3-n Soviet street, 7,App 5-N, ph. (812) 324-73-72, Ph. … Read More

Reorganizing TRIZ Solution Generation Methods into Simple Five in USIT (article)

22/01/2003 |

This article is published in the TRIZ Journal courtesy of the author Toru Nakagawa. There are two parts: Full Article | Appendix

  • Full article (Originally published at: )
  • Appendix (Originally published at:

TRIZ/USIT Paper:Read More

Retail TRIZ – Article 1 – TRIZ and Ice

07/04/2002 |

Retail TRIZ – Article 1 – TRIZ and Ice

Alan Dolman and Graham Rawlinson FRSA


Sometimes we should not only talk but do! As an innovation consultant it seems not a bad idea to do something innovative rather than … Read More

The Creative Person Development Theory: A review article

15/10/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

Editor’s comments appear in italics, at Gregory’s request.

The work of building of the creative person development theory was begun nearly twenty years ago. One of the reasons to start this work … Read More