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digital Archives - The Triz Journal

Technology Forecasting of CCD and CMOS Digital Imaging Technology using TRIZ

14/03/2006 |

Michael Tompkins, Tim Price, Timothy Clapp College of Textiles, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA E-mail: Ina Parker, I.P. Discovery, Inc., Cary, USA E-mail:

Abstract CCD and CMOS image sensors, used in electronic devices such as digital cameras, … Read More

A Methodology To Devise Digital Electronic Applications

08/01/2005 |

Norma F. Roffe ITESM-Campus Monterrey, Computer Science Department

Abstract The development of abilities such as creativity and innovation is a challenge for higher education. For Digital Electronics major the challenge is to confront students to design new applications. This … Read More

Product Review: TRIZ Digital Assistant

21/08/2002 |

Product Review: TRIZ Digital Assistant

By Ralph Czerepinski, Cz innovation Midland, MI USA

TRIZ Digital Assistant, Version 1.0, � 2002 3G Design Hands High Software, Inc. (For the Palm … Read More