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TRIZ Journal's August Issue

TRIZ Journal’s August Issue

| On 17, Aug 2015



We’re excited to resume monthly issues for The TRIZ Journal, starting with this month’s August issue featuring three recent articles. As the TRIZ Journal evolves, so will our monthly issues. With your help, we will continue to build the TRIZ Journal into a more robust source on all things TRIZ. Stay on the lookout for next month’s newsletter featuring an “Issue Feedback Survey.” Every day we learn how to do this a little better, and we look forward to your input.

In the meantime, if you have thoughts on how to improve the issues moving forward or would like to submit an article for an upcoming issue, please contact me at I look forward to connecting with each of you personally via email or my LinkedIn profile.

Thank you for your dedicated support of the journal. We are excited for what the future holds!

Derek Bennington
Managing Director



Graphene sheet model , 3d illustration

In this paper we introduce a new Su-Field (El-Action) structure. The new name is more suitable in the analysis of information systems. It can be used in the analysis of all technical systems as well. Read More





Ideality Equation

The classical definition of ideality may not be exactly what is desired. New ideality equations propose to take into consideration non-linear character of customer reaction to a parameter improvement, depending on level of the market niche saturation. Read More


40 Inventive Principles of Automotive

This article highlights the application of the 40 principles in the automotive industry with a twofold aim; first being to create awareness of the TRIZ method and second the development of appreciation for prevalent technology solutions. Read More