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Update: The TRIZ Journal Expert List

Update: The TRIZ Journal Expert List

| On 03, Nov 2016

The TRIZ expert list allows TRIZ consultants and those looking for a TRIZ expert a place to connect. Since we made the service free, registrations have increased dramatically, which is great. However, as registrations increase, we have to be careful that the user’s experience stays at a high level, connections are meaningful, and expert profiles are relevant.

TRIZ Expert Listing Criteria

  1. All profile fields, when applicable, must be completed and filled in with current information. This includes websites, experience, if you are part of a company or an individual, etc.
  2. As a TRIZ expert, you are REQUIRED to provide relevant experience in TRIZ or a closely tied field of study that would be beneficial to the community.
  3. As an expert, you must provide detail and relevant information inTRIZ. This means your profile should not be one sentence descriptions or not related to TRIZ.
  4. The expert list is just that, a list of experts. This means if you are a beginner in TRIZ or not a consultant or instructor in the TRIZ community, please do not create a profile.

Any profile that fails to meet this criteria will be automatically removed from the list. If your profile is removed, you are welcome to revisit your information, update and resubmit to the list.

If you have any questions regarding the expert list or need help, please Contact Us.