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| On 13, Sep 2016


Hello fellow TRIZ readers,

For all the TRIZ experts out there, we have big news! We have decided to continue to provide the Expert classifieds list at no charge. We realized that keeping it free opened up many other doors. Thank you to all our experts for providing feedback along the way.

Additionally, you may have noticed a question on the website regarding how the journal publishes content. We would love to know if there is a preference between keeping the monthly newsletter or simply posting articles weekly. If you haven’t done so already, please visit the site and provide your preference. We want your feedback so we are able to provide the best experience for our readers.

This month brings very special pieces and we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing authors and contributors to TRIZ. If at any time you would like to submit an article or have thoughts on how to improve the journal, website or the monthly issues, please reach out to me at I look forward to connecting with each of you personally via email or LinkedIn.

Derek Bennington
Managing Director



TRIZ in the Real World: What’s Next for a Termite Control Company?

By Jack Hipple
The termite industry is seasonal. So, what do you do with your employees in the fall and winter? Lay them off and hope they’re available next year? What can you do to extend your business and level out your seasonal ebbs and flows? Read more

TRIZ and Cancer 

By David Drummonds
The goals of this article are to show how oncologists have unknowingly used TRIZ techniques in the battle against cancer and to explore ways TRIZ might further contribute. Read more 

TRIZ-based Innovative Concept Design of a Small Mobile Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

By Thursday Emmanuel, Zhao xin Jun
This paper presents an innovative concept design of a manual operated small mobile horizontal axis wind turbine. The wind turbine concept is designed specifically for remote and urban areas to cut down on current high costs of wind turbine components, on-site installation and improve on small wind turbine reliability.  Read more 

Classification of TRIZ Techniques Using a Cognition-Based Design Framework

By Dr. Philip Samuel, Dr. Michael Ohler
The role of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) techniques within engineering design is examined through the lens of Cognition-based Design (CBD). The paper aims to answer some of the questions sought by the design community at large and to provide some directions for scholars and practitioners on how TRIZ techniques can be applied during various stages of the design process.  Read more