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Physical Contradictions: Solving Or Managing?

20/10/2019 |

Darrell Mann

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

For me, the physical contradiction part of TRIZ/SI still remains the weakest part of the toolkit. Something has been niggling … Read More

Managing The (Autonomous Vehicle) Unknowns

07/07/2019 |

Darrell Mann

Two birds with one stone. Someone was quizzing me about my (no doubt glib) comment that innovation projects were nothing to do with Gantt charts and all about managing the unknowns. ‘Is it really possible to manage the … Read More

Managing The (4H) Unknowns

03/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

A few years ago, I had the dubious fortune of working on a research project looking at laminar-flow wings for aircraft. The basic idea – the brainchild of a group of long-time bored aerodynamicists – was that if … Read More

Fyi– Mit Open Courseware: Managing Innovation

01/01/2010 |

FYI … The Open Courseware site of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has an offering related to “Emerging Trends in Managing Innovation”, at this location: More

Managing Emotions: Applying the Substance-field Theory

02/06/2008 |

Substance-field theory is a powerful analytical technique in TRIZ and helps define a problem in detail and formulate solutions. This technique can also be used to manage people by modeling people and their emotions in place of substances and fields.Read More

TRIZ And Machine Maintenance Case Study – Part 2 – Managing Constraints And Perceptions

26/10/2003 |

Darrell Mann Director CREAX nv, Ieper, Belgium

John Cooney Academic Researcher School of Business and Government National University of Ireland, Cork

Barry Winkless CREAX, Ireland

Abstract This article follows on from a first paper examining the application … Read More

Managing Innovation Knowledge – The Ideation Approach to the Search, Development, and Utilization of Innovation Knowledge

16/04/1999 |

Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman February, 1999 Southfield, Michigan USA

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The oft-quoted expression “TRIZ is based on technology rather than psychology” is a direct translation from the Russian. This declaration was made by … Read More