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TRIZ Journal's February Issue

TRIZ Journal’s February Issue

| On 01, Feb 2016



Welcome to yet another exciting month for The TRIZ Journal. Not only do we have some great articles this month, but also, as promised, insights into our survey that I have been pushing so hard the last month. Thank you to all who have taken the time to do it (I will not take down the link if you would like to complete the survey now).

We expected many of the results we saw but some we did not, which was a great surprise. Overall, it seems the journal is very useful, unique, high-quality and reliable to you, which is awesome! The journal also seems to be hitting your needs, in general, and there are some great opportunities to make your experience even better.

The top three things that you wanted us to focus on really jumped out: Expanded content (expert to beginner levels), digital content (videos, webinars and tutorials) and other need-to-know information about the world of TRIZ (event schedules and lists of TRIZ expert trainers and consultants). Now, to tell you a little more about what the journal is up too.

What are we working on? Currently, we are focusing on three areas that are just do-its, and will provide value out of the box:

First, a TRIZ expert list. We have found that no other source online really brings together the pieces to answer the question “If I need a TRIZ expert, how would I find one specific to my needs?” This will be beneficial to the TRIZ expert and the customer alike. If we can make the go-to people more accessible, the greater chance people have to ask questions and dive more into TRIZ.

Second, webinars and digital content. Reading articles is only one way of learning, and not all of us thrive on reading long papers – I know I don’t. I learn better by watching, doing, interacting. Therefore, in the coming weeks, we are going to pilot webinars and start to grow our reach into digital content. In today’s world, we need to spread our wings and not hinge on articles as the primary source anymore.

Third, conference schedules and events. I have struggled at times to find certain events and it would be nice to have it all in one, very accessible and well-designed location.

All the ideas and feedback presented have spurred more thought for us, me in particular. It shows we have something great, and there is no reason why we cannot make the journal even more spectacular than it already is. We will be busy this year!

Thank you for being a continued supporter of The TRIZ Journal!

If you would like to submit an article, partner with us on a webinar pilot or have thoughts on how to improve the issues, please contact me at I look forward to connecting with each of you personally via email or LinkedIn.

Derek Bennington
Managing Director




By Jack Hipple

The past few years we have reported applications in management and organizational problem solving, ergonomics and human factors, and consumer product design. This year we want to review an application of TRIZ and its normal algorithms and tools, as well as its “reverse” version in an important new area—business continuity planning (BCP). Read more




By Mikhail Rubin 

Since the first publications of G.S. Altshuller and R.B. Shapiro in 1956, the algorithm of inventive problem solving in its different modifications remains the main TRIZ tool. The ongoing development of ARIZ takes into account the results of new research in TRIZ, as well as new tasks set before TRIZ. Read More



By Fernando Yonni, Carlos Requena, Agustina Malinauskas

This paper introduces an approach and a case study example to demonstrate how TRIZ can be used as a teaching tool to solve engineering problems. The example refers to alternative solutions found utilizing TRIZ to diminish the amount of water trapped in the residual sludge during the biological treatment of industrial wastewater. Read More