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TRIZ Journal's June Issue

TRIZ Journal’s June Issue

| On 02, Jun 2016


Hello fellow TRIZ readers,

The launch of the TRIZ Expert List was successful and we have had many experts join us already! Thank you to all who participated in the early stages; we have heard very valuable feedback, and will continue to improve the service to make it easy to use and connect with TRIZ experts around the world. If you are a TRIZ expert, I urge you to take advantage of the new TRIZ Expert List and create a profile here. The service is free until July 15.

This month brings some very special pieces, including a look at the best inventive principles by frequent contributor Darrell Mann and an exploration of integrating design thinking with TRIZ. We are again honored to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing authors and contributors!

If at any time you would like to submit an article or have thoughts on how to improve the journal, website or monthly issues, please reach out to me at

Derek Benningon
Managing Director
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The TRIZ Journal Expert List

Come join The TRIZ Journal’s expert community. Our goal is to create the go-to place for all those in need of solving problems a place to find the world’s best TRIZ problem solvers. Many have joined – don’t be left out. Join us!    Read more

By Darrell Mann

We’re rapidly reaching the point where our computer systems can get us far closer, far quicker and far more efficiently to the breakthrough solutions we seek than even the best human-based problem solving session. That said, there is still a deep-seated need for individuals to be able to resolve the everyday problems they encounter in life. A simple way to help facilitate this process is to provide a check-list of solution provocations. Read More

Completing the Altshuller Matrix: What Could be the Principles in the Empty Cells?

By S. Tadepalli, G. Murugappan

The TRIZ methodology has provided several tools to analyze and improve a system and its functioning, with value enhancement being the foundation of the process. One of the earliest such tools compiled is the Altshuller matrix…In a situation where a contradiction results in an empty cell, incorporation of any or all of the 40 principles has been advised[5] since a specific dominant subset has not been traditionally observed (from patent analysis) to resolve the particular contradiction[3] . This gap or incompleteness of the matrix is fascinating and is the motivation for research in this paper. Read More


Redesigning the Way Future Engineers Learn to Solve Inventive Problems

ByAisha Mahmood, Zulhasni Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Mansoor and Mariam Altaf Tarar

The potential interplay between design thinking and TRIZ motivated engineering educators to redesign the inventive problem solving experience for future engineers. The complex problem of promoting and integrating design thinking with TRIZ for future engineers demanded the fusion of various perspectives and the knowledge of engineering practice and education. Read More