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Which Methodology is Best?

Which Methodology is Best?

| On 01, Jan 2010

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Posted by: rallythevoices
Posted on: Monday, 22nd October 2007

“TRIZ and DFSS are controversial. Strict methodologies do little more than stifle innovation, says the brainstormers. Random idea generation is undisciplined, often unproductive and a big money pit, counter the backers of TRIZ, who are often MBA and accounting types. I want to know what you think so please drop me an e-mail.”

That's what this article is talking about –

Not only is the author discussing it, but he's also asking for input – I say we fill his inbox talking about how good these methods can be – his email is .

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Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Wednesday, 24th October 2007

Hey, everybody, let's answer this!  Users of non-TRIZ methods should respond, too–the questions were about structured vs. freeform, with TRIZ only one example of structured.   I posted the following in the comment section on the design news site:  *******************************This is anecdotal evidence, and you may discount it because I am a TRIZ consultant/instructor and the founding editor of The TRIZ Journal.   TRIZ works.   People solve problems that had been unsolved in their industry or their business for many years within hours of first learning “beginner TRIZ” and they do much more as they get more knowledge.   It is the reason that I gave all my other work to other people to focus on TRIZ–it WORKS!

But, I don't say it is “best”–both unstructured methods and structured methods have their places. People who have strong intuitive, right brain/holistic thinking tendencies report that TRIZ helps them.  People who lack intuitive creative thinking report that TRIZ gives them entirely new creative experiences.  So, I suggest that your article should emphasize BOTH-AND  rather than EITHER-OR.  

Please invite your readers to browse The TRIZ Journal,   Eleven years of articles are on-line with applications of TRIZ to business, management, technology of many kinds, education, medicine–get creative!

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Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Wednesday, 14th November 2007

Design News has now posted some of the replies to the original article, which asked if TRIZ or DFSS is best, or if having no structure is best for innovation.ÊÊ Interestingly, only the TRIZ responses are published (and only some of them, since I know mine was not included.)Ê To see what others said, and to see if your response was included, go to