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My Innovation Story of 2009

My Innovation Story of 2009

| On 28, Dec 2009

Praveen Gupta

I took some time off writing commentaries for RealInnovation about a year ago. Reflecting over last 12 months for innovation activities, I have seen great interest in innovation all over the world. People are talking about innovation at all levels. Students, teachers, schools, colleges, businesses, professionals, and even national leaders, all have been talking about innovation. However, creating a culture of innovation at a group, community or corporation level still remains a challenge. There is no shortage of strategic planning for innovation however executing the strategy still remains a mystery.

In December 2009 President Obama hosted a Jobs Forum at White House. Everyone is talking about creating jobs, but none is asking the question, “How to create jobs?” It has been forgotten that more people are employed by small businesses than large corporations. Doling out money to large organizations in the name of “too big to fail” will not create jobs. Stimulus packages worth about three trillion dollars have not created many jobs so far.

I believe that instead of talking about creating jobs our leaders should explore creating new businesses. Only thousands of new businesses will create millions of new jobs. I understand that some of the stimulus money goes for workforce development where the money is available for skills development through training or certification that will help in getting a job, Given that economy is shrinking and jobs are not available; any training for teaching innovation and entrepreneurship does not get funded.

I have been wondering when President Obama would do something about his promise of Change and give a vision for Americans to pursue.

I am sure you have your story to tell. I can hardly wait to hear your innovation story.