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February 2007's TRIZ Journal

Welcome to the February 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

| On 05, Feb 2007

By Katie Barry, Ellen Domb and Michael S. Slocum

We’ve enjoyed a great first month with the new design of The TRIZ Journal! We are thankful that so many readers have responded to our request for feedback and encourage you to keep your comments and suggestions coming this month, too.

February Articles

  • Managing editor Ellen Domb and John Stamey describe Design Patterns with TRIZ, a look at how Design Patterns relate to the 40 Principles.
  • John Stamey also shares the first part of an in-depth look at the relationship between TRIZ and Extreme Programming.
  • TRIZ continues to expand beyond the enginnering realm, and Valeri Soukhov, Rudy Hoeboer and Mathijs van Zutphen look at the Application RCA+ to Solve Business Problems.
  • For those of us who wonder where TRIZ is being taught, Gaetano Cascini has the answer with a sneak peek at the European TRIZ Association’s new education database that takes a global look at TRIZ eduation.
  • This month’s Student Corner looks at the Reuleaux Triangle and its many possible applications.
  • The fifth lesson in Kraev’s Korner focuses on system ideality.
  • A Letter to the Editor provides more information to those who were intrigued by last month’s Student Corner featuring the Mobius Strip.

Site Information

Several readers asked about the most efficient method for printing articles within the new website design.

  • Click on the article in which you are interested from this welcome letter or the homepage.
  • A box will be in the upper right corner of the article’s frame. That box contains a “Format for Printing” option.
  • Click that link and a formatted version of the article will appear for easy printing.

Until next month, happy TRIZ reading!