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About Commentator: Rod King

About Commentator: Rod King

| On 02, Apr 2009

Rod King

Dr. Rod King is a thought leader, consultant, and trainer on business model analysis, design, and innovation. In today’s world of globalization and increasing competition, enterprises need new ways to do business as well as create highly desirable and uncontested market spaces, in other words, “Blue Oceans.” In fact, a 2008 Global CEO Study by IBM reported that virtually all interviewed CEOs are changing their business models. The majority of CEOs consider business model innovation as the most profitable and defensible form of innovation. Dr. King is a pioneer of an integrated approach to business model analysis, design, innovation, and performance management.

As an expert on visual business modeling, Dr. King helps individuals, teams, and businesses to develop visual business models and dashboards for greater profitability and competitive advantage. He offers clients a better way to ask and manage breakthrough questions not only for designing business models but also for monitoring and managing the performance of business models. Dr. King is the inventor of the Blue Ocean-Performance Dashboard, which is an integrated portfolio of best practice tools for exponential growth in business. The Blue Ocean-Performance Dashboard visually integrates three powerful tools in business management: Value (Supply) Chain; Blue Ocean Strategy; Balanced Scorecard.

Dr. King is the inventor of the “Fractal Grid” which is a visual organizer that has pending US and international patents. The Fractal Grid is also being applied as a visual search engine. Dr. King uses the Zoomable Page, which is the basis of the Fractal Grid, to facilitate visual idea generation and problem solving as well as business model analysis, design, and innovation.