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A TRIZ approach for bitter cassava root detoxification

04/09/2018 |

Doua P., Kapseu C.


The objective of this study was to find how to eliminate all the cyanogenic glucosides from bitter cassava roots to make them palatable for humans and animals. Prior to the elimination of those substances, cassava … Read More

A Holistic Approach to the TRIZ Methodology

20/01/2017 |


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02/05/2016 |

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A New Approach to Su-Field: Structural Analysis

27/07/2015 |

Key words: Su-Field Analysis, Structural Analysis, substance, field, Element, Action, Knowledge, Data, Function.


  1. Introduction

Su-Field analysis was developed by G.Altshuller [1]. In addition, he formulated the Su-Field increasing degree law and describes its mechanisms [2] and [3].

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A New Approach to Initial Situation Analysis

18/10/2010 |

ARIZ is an excellent tool to solve problems once an individual has identified the mini problems that need to be solved. In real life situations, however, the problems are seldom clearly defined.Read More

Super Stream Approach to TRIZ Planning, Aviation Safety

02/11/2009 |

The super stream augmented approach (SSA) is proposed as a planning and structuring layer to enhance the application of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) tools for sustained innovation.Read More

The Tic-Tac-Toe Approach to Strategic Planning

27/10/2008 |

Jack Hipple

I’d like to share with you a very simple, but powerful strategic analysis tool that I’ll just describe as the “tic-tac-toe” approach to strategic analysis. It comes from my experience with TRIZ, but it’s a much broader thinking tool … Read More

VizTRIZ: A Visual Approach to the Contradiction Matrix

05/11/2006 |

Victor E Ross Institute for Technological Innovation Faculty of EBIT University of Pretoria Hatfield 0002 South Africa

Abstract In the first phase of work aimed at refining the use of the TRIZ Contradiction Matrix, a contradictionless, ‘4-Attribute Matrix’ was … Read More

The Logistic Innovation Approach and The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

13/01/2006 |

By: Odair Farias

ABSTRACT This paper proposes some strategic ways to logistic innovation through the Russian methodology – “Rechénia Izobretatelskih Zadátchi Theory – Triz” (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Assets related to logistic evolution and its definitions, as the … Read More

TOC and TRIZ: Using A Dual-Methodological Approach To Solve A Forest Harvesting Problem.

02/03/2005 |

Ian Conradie, Ingeser Consultores, Santiago, Chile ( or

ABSTRACT Although cut-to-length forest harvesting with harvesters and forwarders is hardly used in some parts of the world, it has many advantages over conventional harvesting systems. Research has shown that the … Read More


20/12/2004 |

By: Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi

TRIZ,TQM&TCIM 1 TRIZ, TQM AND TCIM A TRIZ ORIENTED CREATOLOGICAL APPROACH TO THE ORGANIZATION Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi Head of Research Center for Creatology, Innovation & TRIZ Head of Department of Creativity and Innovation Faculty … Read More

The Functional – Resource Approach To The Forecasting Of Technical Systems Evolution – A Fragment From The Book “Evolution of technologies”, Chapter « Graphic and numerical methods based approach to forecasting tasks solving »

23/10/2003 |

Yury Danilovsky (e-mail:, Voluslav .Mitrofanov (e-mail: Denis Shevchenko (e-mail: Laboratory of innovative research «SHOW SIN» ( The International University of Scientific and Technological Creativity (Saint Petersburg – Boston) 193036 Saint Petersburg, 3-n Soviet street,. 7, premise … Read More

System approach to Win-Win resolution of conflicts

15/02/2001 |

Len Kaplan Ideation International Inc.

Abstract. This paper introduces a model of a conflict situation developed in order to formulate a comprehensive set of “thinking directions” for a conflict resolution. It increases reliability of dispute … Read More

Intuitive Design Method (IDM), A New Approach on Design Methods Integration

04/10/2000 |

Denis CAVALLUCCI Laboratoire de Recherche en Productique de Strasbourg 24, Boulevard de la Victoire 67084 STRASBOURG CEDEX FRANCE

Philippe LUTZ Laboratoire de Recherche en Productique de Strasbourg 24, Boulevard de la Victoire 67084 STRASBOURG CEDEX FRANCE

ABSTRACT When … Read More

Managing Innovation Knowledge – The Ideation Approach to the Search, Development, and Utilization of Innovation Knowledge

16/04/1999 |

Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman February, 1999 Southfield, Michigan USA

© 1998 Ideation International Inc.


The oft-quoted expression “TRIZ is based on technology rather than psychology” is a direct translation from the Russian. This declaration was made by … Read More

THE TRIZ APPROACH – Case Study: Creative Solutions to a Human Relations (HR) Problem

23/11/1997 |

by James F. Kowalick, President & Director The Leonardo da Vinci Institute, division of RLI, Inc. 9907 Camper Lane, P.O. Box 659, Oregon House, CA. 95962 Voice: (916) 692-1944 ~ Fax: (916) 692-1946 ~ Email:

Introduction. The oldest living … Read More

Polysystem Approach to TRIZ

05/09/1997 |

By Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY Brahenk. 9 E 18 FIN-20100 TURKU, FINLAND phone/fax +358 2 251 1623 E-mail:


Traditionally in engineering design one system, or monosystem, is selected for further development. One system, one problem, one idea. … Read More