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TRIZ in Software Development

TRIZ in Software Development

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 166
Posted by: Kadir Erdogan
Posted on: Thursday, 18th January 2007



For one years, I am interested in TRIZ. Now I have to get a thesis. So, because I know software engineering and I am learning TRIZ, I want to compose these two topics, TRIZ in Software Development.


I have researched for this topic and I found out a lot of paper for this topic. But in these papers there is no any case study.


Do you know any article for this topic(include in case study)?




Message: 210
Posted by: Antonio Lettieri
Posted on: Friday, 26th January 2007

Unfortunately I do not know any case study.

But since we share common interests in TRIZ and software development I would like to say that TRIZ could have accelerated the evolution rate of software development methods if known by software community in the past.Consider, for example, the long time that industry shifted from the waterfall model to the incremental cycles that are in common use today.From TRIZ viewpoint, this could be seen as application of principles 1 (segmentation) and 20 ( continuity of useful action).

Message: 226
Posted by: Kevin C. Rea
Posted on: Friday, 2nd February 2007

Hello Kadir:

I understand your frustration with no case studies in applying TRIZ in Software Development; unfortunately most case studies that TRIZ specialists have done are probably under some non-disclosure agreement. This was my case while at Lucent/Bell Labs.

I would suggest maybe starting your own case study around a particular software development domain, then publishing the results under an open and usable forum, such as The TRIZ Journal 🙂


Kevin C. ReaREA

Message: 227
Posted by: Kadir ERDOGAN
Posted on: Saturday, 3rd February 2007


I finished my thesis. Firstly, I explained TRIZ and its tools (contradiction matix, 40 inventive priciples, Su-field, 76 standart solutions and, ARIZ) shortly, Then; I explained Software Development and Software Development Life Cycle, At Last I illustrated 3 case study.

At the last part of the paper, I give 3 case studies using in software projects with TRIZ. At first case study; I explain an example of a problem level, Level 2 in software development. I use contradiction matrix and 40 inventive principles to solve problem.  At second case study; I explain an example of a problem level, Level 3 in software development. I use Su-Field Analysis and 76 Standard Solutions to solve problem. At last case study; I explain an example of a problem level, Level 4 in software development. I use ARIZ method to solve problem.


Kevin,  Thank you I derive benefit from your papers about TRIZ.