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What Are Best TRIZ-for-software Sources?

What Are Best TRIZ-for-software Sources?

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1166
Posted by: Eric Sommer
Posted on: Tuesday, 27th November 2007

Hi there, Can anyone tell us what are best sources of information use of Triz for software innovation?  Also, what might be the best software program for such innovation?

Thanks, Eric Sommer

Message: 1167
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Thursday, 29th November 2007

Well, of course The TRIZ Journal is the best source of information (in English) about TRIZ for anything, including software.  We've had several articles on examples of the 40 principles applied to both software explicitly and to business systems (click the “40 principles” tab in the left-hand column on the home page) and examples from companies like Wipro and others of applications of TRIZ to development of systems.    Also, (go to the General Story) is advertising a draft book on TRIZ for IT–both hardware and software–they are selling it, asking buyers to send in improvements.  It is very limited (just 40 principles, no ideality, no separation principles, etc.) but the author acknowledges that and says the next book will have more.   Darrell Mann has been promising a “Hands-on Systematic Innovation for Software” which is quite a bit late–check his website from time to time to see if it is out.  From some of the earlier articles, this should be excellent.    He and I did a series several years ago on applying TRIZ to mass customization, most of which ended up as e-business applications–don't know if you'd consider that software or not.

Wait until Monday–Dec. TJ will have an article on applying the Complete Technical System and the System Operator to an e-business case study.  

Message: 1168
Posted by: Navneet Bhushan
Posted on: Thursday, 29th November 2007

Hi Eric,

The best source of information for TRIZ for software innovation in my opinion will always be “Yet to come”. Having said that I would like to add that TRIZ as a philosophy as well as theory can be applied as such to any problem – it is artificial to distinguish between fields, for example, software, manufacturing, automotive etc. At the higher level all fields are similar as per TRIZ. I will go to the extent that may be at some higher level they may be same, it is really the problem of abstraction – which we need to overcome in our mind.

So in essence what I am saying is all existing sources of information for TRIZ can be sources of software innovation. Let us say about evolutionary trends – TRIZ recognized some trends in systems. Cant we study and find what are the trends in Information Technology – let us say, (A) Information Representation – Bits, Bytes, Hexadecimal, Mnemonics (assembly language), Higher Level languages, data variables, data structures, files, data bases, distributed data bases, knowledge bases, XML, etc (B) Information Processing – Data, information, knowledge (rules), business intelligence, extracting co-relations, data visualization, Decision enabling knowledge (C) Information Communication – data communication, information networks, knowledge networks, social computing. Now if we add what are the methods to perform all these functions we have codified the IT knowledge for software development engineers.

Let us look at TRIZ concept of IDEALITY – TRIZ talks about ideality as function achived without cost and no adverse impact to the system. For software systems, ideality assumes a slightly different meaning.

Message: 1169
Posted by: Prakash
Posted on: Thursday, 29th November 2007

Hi Eric,

I go with Navneet's point. In my last few years of TRIZ work, I understand we have to define how one can use TRIZ for software. I have seen some success, but I believe there is a bigger scope yet to explore. It is also about when and where one needs to use TRIZ in software. For e.g. defining requirement some of the tools like Trends, 9-Windows, IFR, Resources, Su-Field etc will be very helpful. Later in the implementation stage contradiction matrix, 40 principles will come handy.

I have some links to few website giving basic about TRIZ for software in my blog.


Message: 1174
Posted by: Shree Phadnis
Posted on: Tuesday, 4th December 2007

I had written a white paper on requirements gathering, and testing

Message: 1175
Posted by: Pentti
Posted on: Thursday, 6th December 2007

sorry, but the address does not work.

Message: 1176
Posted by: Shree Phadnis
Posted on: Thursday, 6th December 2007

Rather than clicking the link copy paste the entile length in the browser and proceed