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Tilmag, TRIZ, Hrp, Etc.

Tilmag, TRIZ, Hrp, Etc.

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1208
Posted by: Max Eten
Posted on: Monday, 28th January 2008

I was reading the article on this site about the 5 steps of TILMAG.  They seem to really involve a lot of input from other methods and tools.  Is this true vice versa?  Does TRIZ require TILMAG? Does HRP require TRIZ?

Curious if I need to learn them all–or is that just the ideal state of affairs?

Message: 1211
Posted by: Joe Marotta
Posted on: Tuesday, 29th January 2008

Hi Max,

As far as the HRP and TRIZ, these are completely complementary.  HRP is designed to generate problem statements.  TRIZ can then be used to solve these problems.  Any other systematic or nonsystematic technique could be used in its place, for that matter, but I'm in a kind of “TRIZ mode” this morning, so that's the one I chose…

As for TILMAG, after identifying the ISE's and building the matrix, the next step is to “Generate Solutions”.  Again, you can use any technique here, such as TRIZ or “Eureka!” type thinking.  So, no, these techniques don't all require one another to be used; however, it might make the process a little more systematic and efficient to allow any techniques on this site compliment one another.  Plus, the best way to learn all this stuff is by doing, and that's where the fun is anyway!

Good luck,


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