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Integrating Innovation

Integrating Innovation

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1189
Posted by: angelface08
Posted on: Saturday, 5th January 2008

Can QFD, VOC, TRIZ, Six Sigma, etc. all work together? Is it a question of plug and play experimentation or are there specific paths to follow?

Message: 1190
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Saturday, 5th January 2008

The short answer to your question is YES–these tools have natural interfaces, and don't require “messing around” on your part.   For example, Voice of the Customer is the front end of QFD.  But if there is a contradiction that arises when you try to design a product or service that satisfies the customer, that's the front end of a TRIZ problem solving process (removing contradictions.)  

There are several major conferences on Six Sigma, Lean, etc. in the next few months, and all of them have sessions on integrating the tools of quality and innovation.   See the calendar and the Real Innovation calendar for some ideas.  Also, ISixSigma Magazine for July, 2007 had some great articles on integrating TRIZ with Six Sigma.