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Sustained Innovation and Creativity Training

Sustained Innovation and Creativity Training

| On 01, Jan 2010

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Posted by: shailendra jaiswal
Posted on: Sunday, 2nd March 2008


It is self evident to many of us  that training has a positive correlation with organizational performance.  However  to reinforce our faith in the  ability of training to influence organizational performance an exercise  has been undertaken to substantiate the specific hypothesis that sustainable organizational  innovation is dependent on  training in creativity techniques.The project seeks to examine the impact of various techniques of creativity techniques on specific types of innovation- which are related  to the particular stage of growth of the organization .




In view of your interest and research in the field of  innovation and creativity ,I seek your views on the above aspects of my research project which is being pursued as part of my doctoral research. 

shailendra Jaiswal



Message: 1245
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Monday, 3rd March 2008

Great!  I really look forward to seeing your research.    The role of training/education is very hard to evaluate, and measurements of the quality of innovation processes are very hard, so you have multiple levels of difficulty facing you.

Just a few personal comments: (after teaching TRIZ for about 12 years, plus editing The TRIZ Journal) 

I have seen very very few cases (but not zero) of people using TRIZ to create significant innovations with no training.  That is, they have read articles or books, but never gone to a class or had a teacher or coach. Similarly, my friends tell me that one CAN learn the deBono methods from books, but people are more likely to actually use what they have learned if they have had the opportunity to practice in a class environment.

There are many cases of people with no training in any innovation method who have created innovations.   There is an impression that training increases the frequency and predictability of innovation, but there have not been good measurement systems–how do you define the baseline? 

Best wishes for your study!