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Tens of Innovation

Tens of Innovation

| On 21, Dec 2007

Praveen Gupta

Learning innovation is critical for me in order to teach innovation. I read about other people’s work, and try to expand my understanding of innovation. Recent trend in offering recipes of innovations sound confounding to me. For example, some of the best selling innovation books and methodologies include the magic ‘Ten.’ Here is a list of the Ten’s of innovation:

Ten rules of strategic innovations

Ten rules of elegant innovations

Ten types of innovations

Ten faces of innovations

Trying to comprehend these methods or strategies in these books I can not figure out which combination of strategic rule, elegant innovations, types and faces would be good for me. I wonder how one would remember 40 things and their possible combinations from only four experts. There are many more innovation experts in the field. One must accept that these methods represent some aspects of innovation, not everything. Still the question remains how I use Ten’s. I hope you know what I am getting at. If I appear confused, help me! Give me your advice. It is your turn!