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Innovation Management

Innovation Management

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1891
Posted by: tytyloye
Posted on: Thursday, 5th August 2010

Is there a documented approach to Innovation management, infact any approach, structure, or process to go by ,if we ever attempt to manage innovation something similar to knowledge management.

Message: 1905
Posted by: L.R.Natarajan
Posted on: Tuesday, 24th August 2010

In our company , to manage innovation & to promote the culture of innovation , we have started a concept called IScM ( Innovation school of management ). IScM works like any other college , open only to our employees . It is a 6 months corse , where the selected candidates , are trained on tools & techniques of innovation , through class room session & exposing them to other industries.

IScM , has its own prospectus , detailing the curriculam , and interested employees , have to send their filled in pre printed application . This is followed by writtn test & oral interview , to select the candidates for the course.

The selected candidates after 3 days of class room session , are given orbit shift projects , in their area of work . They are mentored on a weekly basis , and they are given 4 hours free time to work on the projects. In 6 months time , after they complete the project , they get to present to the top management. They are also awarded graduateship in Innovation , in a grand convocation ceremony attended by all Top management people.

IScM is running for the last 3 years in our company and has resulted in quantum leap in productivity in many areas and a cost saving of over 25 Million USD. Also many great recognition , in many innovation compettetion.

The Long term plan is to convert all stake holders who are working for us into a trained innovator.

I will be happy to share more details on specific request.

Message: 1906
Posted by: vidya
Posted on: Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Hi Nataraj,

Can you pl. share the info nad send the same to my ID

Thanks in advance



Message: 1907
Posted by: vidya
Posted on: Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Hi ,

I understand that you have KM documented process. Since Iam on the same job, can you pl. forward me.

My mail id :

Thanks in advance



Message: 1908
Posted by: Claude Meylan
Posted on: Tuesday, 24th August 2010

You can read this book:

Tanner D.: Total Creativity in Business & Industry, Advanced Practical Thinking Training, 1997

Interesting, practical und funny! Not new, but a good start.

Message: 1913
Posted by: Jack Hipple
Posted on: Tuesday, 31st August 2010

Thanks for sharing–great idea. Sounds similar to GE's “workout” program but more focused on innovation. I hope it includes not just techniques but personallity assessments including assessments such as Byers Briggs, Kirton KAI(R), HBCD(R) and similar tools to help people understand how they think about and analyze a problem. This can be just as important, if not more so, than the problem solving tools.

Message: 1915
Posted by: Pentti
Posted on: Wednesday, 1st September 2010


I would also share your experience. Please forward info to Thanks in advance.