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TRIZ Academic Course

TRIZ Academic Course

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1894
Posted by: Mehdi
Posted on: Friday, 13th August 2010

Hi . Do you know which universities or colleges have academic courses about triz ?Thanks .

Message: 1895
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Saturday, 14th August 2010

The TRIZ Journal had a report on the attempts to catalog all the academic programs in 2007:

Does anyone know if it has been updated?

Message: 1909
Posted by: Jack Hipple
Posted on: Tuesday, 24th August 2010

I have not seen such an update, but it would be very valuable, especially if it were international. Maybe The TRIZ Journal could spearhead a “request”. We would have to make sure that the information was analyzed and filtered to reflect TRIZ as opposed to general creativity and innovation curricula, unless there was a desire to have both.

Message: 1910
Posted by: Gaetano Cascini
Posted on: Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Indeed I was responsible at that time for the ETRIA survey about academic institutions involved somehow in TRIZ research/education. We have never updated such a list, and for sure it would be a valuable task to create/update a database with those data. Based on my previous experience I just wonder wether it is worth to create just a flat list of institutions names, or it would be better to add further details about what is done… the second option would be better, but it requires more resources and most of all a suitable reference metric.In any case I will propose at the next ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference to launch a new survey on that…if you have any suggestions..cheers