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Two Patterns of Evolution for Technological Systems

07/12/2009 |

There are many patterns of evolution. In this paper, the authors discuss two frequently encountered patterns: transition to a high-level system and increasing ideality.Read More

Predictable Futures: Using Patterns of System Evolution

30/07/2007 |

James Todhunter

Recently, a colleague asked me if the Patterns of System Evolution from TRIZ could be used by non-TRIZ practitioners.  At first the question struck me as being rather odd; it seemed sort of like asking if a map could … Read More

Trends and patterns of evolution for product innovation

01/10/2006 |

Noel Leon, Prof. Dr., (Presenter) Center for Innovation in Products and Technology, Tec de Monterrey, (CIDYT, ITESM) Tel. +52 81 81582012, Fx. +52 81 83284005 Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada #2501 Sur Col. Tecnológico, 64849 Monterrey, NL, México

ABSTRACT Perhaps … Read More

Deaf People As Pioneers of Video Technology: How to Use Evolution Patterns and the Lead User Concept

10/02/2004 |

By: Kalevi Rantanen

Evolution patterns, studied by Genrich Altshuller and the concept of lead users, introduced by Eric von Hippel, can be effectively used together. One can foresee the possible changes and to get new ideas. The case of video … Read More

Food Foresight: Analysis Of The Development Patterns Of The Food Industry And Markets Using TRIZ Concepts

25/10/2003 |

Food Foresight: Analysis of the development patterns of the Food Industry and markets using TRIZ concepts Jorge Oliveira, Dpt. Process Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland Phone: 353-21-4902006 e-mail: webpage:

A small project termed Food Foresight was developed under … Read More

TRIZ Patterns of Evolution as a Means for Supporting History of Technology: Analyzing the Brunelleschi’s Dome Cranes

04/07/2003 |

By: Gaetano Cascini (1), Romano Nanni (2), Davide Russo (3)

(1) Università degli Studi di Firenze Facoltà di Ingegneria, Dip. di Meccanica e Tecnologie e-mail: (2) Museo Leonardiano – Biblioteca Leonardiana Comune di Vinci (FI) e-mail: (3) … Read More

Trimming Evolution Patterns For Complex Systems

05/02/2000 |

Editor’s note: Darrell Mann and the editors are very interested in collecting case studies that could prove or disprove the hypothesis presented here. Readers are invited to share their experiences, either by sending them to Darrell Mann, or by writing … Read More