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Be On the Lookout for Fresh Concepts

19/03/2009 |

Lynda Curtin

Be on the lookout for fresh concepts: sometimes you have to start over. —– UC Riverside: The Arts and Letters Lecture Series: An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert; March 12, 2009 Palm Springs, California. —– 

Elizabeth Gilbert is noted for … Read More

TRIZ Concepts in Limited Slip Differentials for Suvs/rvs

01/09/2008 |

Differentials help provide vehicular stability and mobility in sport utility and recreational vehicles, but problems exist with those currently on the market. The authors used TRIZ to evaluate a simplified ideality for a new design.Read More

Powerful Concepts: Valentino’s Secret Weapon

30/08/2007 |

Lynda Curtin

Imagine lasting 45 years in your business. What would it take? How would you adjust to dramatically changing business needs? Could you create a loyal following of dedicated customers that span generations?

Seventy-five year old Italian fashion designer … Read More

Using TRIZ to Develop New Corrosion Protection Concepts in Shipbuilding – A Case Study

15/12/2006 |

Jan R. Weitzenböck and Stefan Marion Det Norske Veritas, Veritasveien 1, 1322 Høvik, Norway

Abstract Accidents involving ships that carry environmentally dangerous cargo, such as oil tankers, can have severe consequences for the environment. In many accidents, the ship … Read More

Applying some TRIZ concepts to the problem of harvesting and selection of potatoes

15/10/2001 |

Applying some TRIZ concepts to the problem of harvesting and selection of potatoes

José M. Vicente-Gomila, Co-Director of triz XXI Assoc. Lecturer in the Project Engineering Dept. of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, … Read More

Using Analogies to Develop Breakthrough Concepts

11/04/1998 |

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. The TRIZ Institute, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, CA 91786 USA +1(909)949-0857 FAX +1(909)949-2968 ©1998, Ellen Domb

Both the classical and software-based TRIZ methods rely heavily on the use of analogy as a teaching method … Read More