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Orginazation News

Orginazation News

| On 21, Mar 2004

ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies NewsletterTRIZ – the next Evolution in Innovation (February 2004)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

February is half over. Winter is dragging its feet with cold temperatures and windy skies. Can TRIZCON2004 be far away? This annual springtime event is beginning to take shape. As you read through this Newsletter you will meet our Keynote speaker, Dr. Wesley Perusek and learn about the great Pre & Post Conference trainings that will be available to augment your TRIZ experience.
We are optimistic that TRIZCON2004 will be one of the largest TRIZCONs ever.

Many people have taken advantage of the ‘Early Bird’ discounts for this years event. BOEING
Company will be a major sponsor along with Invention Machine Corp. and IDEACore. Do not miss this great opportunity to surround yourself with TRIZ experts and to get your creative juices flowing.
See you in Seattle.
Yours truly, Richard Langevin, Executive Director

In this issue~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
• New Item in the General Store
• TRIZCON2004 — Keynote Speaker
• Looking for Sponsors
• AI Secretary — Kiho Sohn* Latest TRIZ article

The crown jewel event of the Institute is our 3 day, annual international Conference. This year TRIZCON2004 will be held in Seattle, WA., on 25-27 April. The Conference is divided into two parts–Tutorial and Symposium.

The first day is the Tutorial on 25 April. The Tutorial has 2 tracks. Track 1 will provide an Introduction to TRIZ concepts and terminology. It is for newcomers to TRIZ who wish to establish a firm base of TRIZ knowledge that they can build upon during the next two days.
Track 2 is the Advanced Track for people who have progressed beyond the TRIZ basics. Track 2 offers them more sophisticated TRIZ topics and applications.

The 2 day Symposium begins on Monday, 26 April. The Symposium is comprised of keynote address, panel discussions, AI business meeting and case studies. Because of demand by past attendees, we have added to our 3 day Conference both PRE and POST Conference training.

These highly charged workshops are designed to expand your TRIZ experience and provide maximum training value for your dollar. This year’s line up of workshops is outstanding. (PRE) On Saturday, the 24th, we have a 1 day I-TRIZ Orientation from Ideation International Inc. and a 1 day workshop for problem solving in business, personnel and service arenas from Innovation-TRIZ. (POST) On Wednesday, the 28th, we have 1 day workshop for Developing Hi-Tech Technologies using TRIZ by Victor Fey and a 1 day workshop on How to Integrate TRIZ into your Organization by E. Domb & J. Hipple. For complete information about all of these workshops, go to web link below. Each workshop must have a minimum of 5 attendees or else it will be cancelled and fees refunded. We are now accepting registrations for TRIZCON2004 & Pre/ Post Conference trainings. Fees and Group Discounts are listed on the TRIZCON2004 Information page. General information about the Conference can be found on the TRIZCON2004 Information page. If you have any questions or a special situation, please contact me by email.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. There are two ways to register for the Conference. You can register electronically or manually by using the General Store. For all the details about Pre/ Post Conference training… >> New Item in the General

Store~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We have been busy working with Technical Innovation Center in converting TRIZ material from VHS tape to DVD. Our first project was the 20 minute tape of Genrich Altshuller teaching TRIZ in Russia some 40 years ago. The original PAL version was converted, edited and subtitled 5 years ago by Lev Shulyak, Technical Innovation Center. There is a 30 sec clip of this film on the AI Homepage for your review. We are offering either the DVD or the VHS tape for $50. That’s a $25 discount from the retail price of this tape. The special will be offered until TRIZCON2004 begins, 25 April. TIC will be converting the video footage of past TRIZCON events beginning with TRIZCON2002 in St. Louis, MO. into DVD format. We should have a finished product by the end of March. Anyone interested in purchasing parts or all of TRIZCON2002 on DVD should contact me for pricing. To see the Altshuller clip… >> g%2Fcontent.htm TRIZCON2004 — Keynote Speaker~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Another powerful Conference — TRIZCON2004, will be held in Seattle, WA on 25-27 April 2004. Mark your calendars now, send in your registration, reserve your hotel at the Westin in Seattle. Plan to mix business, excitement, learning and making new friends while visiting a very scenic corner of America. This year’s keynote address will be featuring Dr. Wesley Perusek. He is the Director of the Ohio Space Grant Consortium’s Invention Innovation Centers Project. He will be speaking about the inclusion of the TRIZ methodology into the secondary education curriculum. Dr. Perusek’s biography will be available on our website. For Biography — click here… >> Looking for Sponsors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In an effort to maintain the website, this E-Newsletter and other valuable projects, the Institute is looking for sponsors.

If you wish to show your support for the Altshuller Institute and for TRIZ and gain some publicity for minimal cost in markets that are interested in TRIZ, send me an email. If there is any project that you wish to become involved with or can financially support, send me an email.

Let’s discuss the opportunity to promote TRIZ, your business and to help the Institute move forward in developing new products and services that will enrich the value the Institute and its membership. For more information, visit our web site… >> AI Secretary — Kiho
Sohn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It is a great honor and privilege that Kiho Sohn has been our Secretary for the past year. Kiho is Project Specialist at Boeing Company and is located in Canoga Park, CA. His enthusiasm for and dedication to the Institute has been a mobilizing force. Kiho’s ability to work with people and to organize events has been key to many of our past successes. Kiho, we appreciate your hard work and the effort that you put forth to protect, defend and grow the Institute. To visit the other elected officers…
>> Latest TRIZ article~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Profit magazine from Oracle Publishing has released the latest TRIZ article in its November issue. This article was written by Marta Bright and reflects interviews with Larry Smith, Ford Motor Company; Zinovy Royzen, TRIZ Consulting and Zion Bar-EL, Ideation International. I hope that you have enjoyed this latest edition of our monthly E-Newsletter. Tell your friends to sign-up for this FREE service. To read the article online … >>

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: ai@triz.orgvoice: 508-799-6601web: Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, Inc. | 100 Barber Avenue | Worcester | MA | 01606 This email was sent to,by ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies.

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Dear ETRIA-news subscribers,

with our quarterly newsletter we are pleased to inform you about following issues:

1. Based on the success of the previous conferences organized by ETRIA, the next conference TRIZ Future 2004 will be conducted in Florence, Italy, on November 3-5, 2004. Please see the conference details and call for papers at

2. A quarterly overview 01-2004 “What is going on with TRIZ?” was prepared by our German colleagues and is available for download:
3. As a non-profit public organisation, the European TRIZ Association invites individuals, public, educational and commercial organisations, interested in further development of the TRIZ Methodology and Knowledge Based Innovation to join the ETRIA.

Due to the non-profit status of ETRIA, our mission shall be realized through an open international collaboration of its member organizations.
The results of organization’s activities will become available to all involved parties. Membership in ETRIA is open to any corporation, university, individual, partnership, governmental body or international organization, which accepts and supports the objectives and tasks of ETRIA (see membership application form at

Annual Membership Fee:
– Individual: Euro 25
– Non-profit, public and educational organizations: Euro 100
– Commercial organizations: Euro 500

Membership in ETRIA provides a number of membership services including discounts for events and publications produced in association with ETRIA.

Best regards.
Sabine Mueller

1. Objectives of ETRIA Con 2004:

The last two editions of the ETRIA “TRIZ future” conference have been focused on scientific, academic and pedagogical aspects of TRIZ development in 2002 and best practices in systematic innovation through industry (mainly automotive) in 2003.
The proposal for 2004 is to focus the aim of the conference toward the integration of TRIZ with other methodologies/tools and the dissemination of systematic innovation practices even through Small and Medium Enterprises.

According with this objective the first day of the conference could be co-organized with the “local” Italian TRIZ Association “Apeiron”

2. Structure of the ETRIA Con 2004:
The participants to the conference should be able to follow the presentations and gain the maximum value apart from their TRIZ knowledge. According with this goal the sessions should follow an increasing expertise order. Nevertheless, it is clear that third day speeches will be appreciated more by experienced participants.

A poster session could be planned dependently on the quantity of submitted papers.
Power-point presentations, foils or slides must be made in English.

Continuing the tradition of the previous ETRIA Conferences in Strasbourg and Aachen the organizer could invite a keynote speaker to be defined. A Russian to English translator could be available.


3. Conference fee (Euro):

A light fee reduction is proposed in order to encourage the maximum participation:


Conference fee (full/early registration) includes conference proceedings, lunch and coffee breaks, dinner in Vinci.

Conference fee (PhD students) includes conference proceedings, lunch and coffee breaks.
Conference speakers (authors): NO CONFERENCE FEE (free hotel accommodation will be settled according to the number of early registrations) 4. Call for papers:

The deadline for the submission of the extended abstracts (500 words) is June 5th, 2004
with the notification of acceptance by July 15th, 2004.
Together with the notification, accepted authors will receive guidelines for submitting final papers (to be submitted not later than September 4th).

5. Guidelines for the selection of papers:

5.1. The already known or published materials, business approaches of consultancy companies should be rejected.
5.2. Acceptable papers from the industry should present real case studies, with real results or real industrial approaches of the corporate TRIZ integration.
5.3. Acceptable scientific or methodological papers should present really new approaches, updates to the methods, valuable for science or/and practice.
5.4. Related to TRIZ papers that do not meet certain quality requirements should be rejected.
5.5. Dependent on quantity and subject of papers the organizers of the conference will target generally one presentation per contributor and one presentation pro consulting company. Authors and companies may submit several papers for the presentation at the poster session.
5.6. Power Point Presentations without full papers should be avoided.
5.7. The authors of the accepted papers should guarantee their presentation at the conference (certify no “no shows”!)

6. Communications:
The information about the conference should be published on the ETRIA web site WWW.ETRIA.NET and Apeiron web site

7. Proceedings and publications:

Conference proceedings will be made available at and after the conference.
Abstracts will be presented in the internet.
Conference folder will be sold after the conference approx. for a half the price of the conference fee.

9. Organisational topics and advertising

Member of the global coordination Group are requested to contact and invite possible industrial contributors and distribute the information about the conference through their networks, the Internet, publications in newspapers and magazines.

Pre-announcement with draft of the conference program flyer should be available till end of July 2004.
Conference program and official invitation of the audience – till mid of September 2004.