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European TRIZ Association Conference

European TRIZ Association Conference

| On 07, Nov 2009

Ellen Domb

The European TRIZ Association’s TRIZ Futures Conference is exploring new frontiers this week:   geographically, in Timisoara, Romania, and structurally, using a single session for the entire conference.   The conference is at Politehnica University–see for some of the history and current information on this engineering and cultural site.

The theme of the conference is “Innovative product design” and there is a strong mix of academic, consulting, and industrial practioners reporting on their research in many areas of TRIZ.  

The program, with abstracts, is at

Reading the abstracts shows that ETRIA has succeeded in one of its goals–by moving the conference to different universities, cities, and countries, they expose many faculty and students to the TRIZ philosophy and concepts.   A significant number of this year’s papers are by people who first learned about TRIZ this way.  

We look forward to having first-hand reports from some of the participants in the next few weeks, and pictures will be posted on the ETRIA portal,