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Day 2 at The Third TRIZ Symposium in Japan

Day 2 at The Third TRIZ Symposium in Japan

| On 01, Sep 2007

Guest Commentator

Paul Filmore is reporting from The Third TRIZ Symposium in Japan.—-

Well the second day of this immaculately organised conference has finished.  Again, 202 participants keen to hear about TRIZ!

Larry Ball (Honeywell and well known in western TRIZ circles) kicked off the day at 9am with his invited talk on ‘TRIZ Algorithms.’  He gave a very clear and practical presentation on causal analysis, which included a case study. After a couple of other good presentations we had eight 3 minute introductions to the poster session.  This worked well to maximise participation/ papers and topic breadth.  After lunch we circled around the posters in small groups, with each presenter giving parallel introductions to their poster.  The inevitable bell keeping the conference working like clockwork! 

I gave one of the two parallel session talks for Darrell Mann ( who had to unluckily cancel at the last minute.  The talk on ‘Systematic Innovation for Business & Management: Experiences 1994 – 2007’ went very well (which surprised me as I was not sure of the level of comprehension), with good feedback and questions from a number of delegates.  Whew!  This then took us up to 6pm for another short break followed by a buffet dinner.  Again I was pleasantly surprised as this had been labelled as buffet dinner and communications’ and worked very well as the two hours disappeared with so many people stopping to chat and often to recommend some unrecognisable delicacy.  I hope I can stick this pace for the last day!

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