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Changing Your Focus

Changing Your Focus

| On 08, Apr 2008

Katie Barry

I don’t get a lot of forwarded emails from friends and family; I’ve trained them to only send me the “best of the best.” Today, one video appeared in my inbox that not only intrigued me, but seemed worthy of sharing with the Real Innovation/TRIZ Journal audience.

The video lasts about a minute and is safe for work. Click here to watch the “Awareness Test.”

(Spoiler alert ahead – watch the video before reading!)

How many of you caught on? I admit that I didn’t! I was carefully (and accurately, it turns out) counting passes as instructed. And I was so focused on the issue at hand, that the bear didn’t grab my attention for a second.

This video ties in nicely with this week’s featured Real Innovation article, Local Problems Lead to Ideal System Solutions. As important as problem solving is, and as many innovations local-level problem solving can provide, it can cause even more problems if the full system-scale is ignored. Every so often, remember to check out the big picture so that no moonwalking bears can interrupt the scene!