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February 2008's TRIZ Journal

Welcome to the February 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

| On 04, Feb 2008

By Katie Barry, Ellen Domb and Michael S. Slocum

Last month, a reader suggested that each issue of The TRIZ Journal include a round-up of mentions of TRIZ in other literature. The good news is that we already do this – on a daily basis! Each day, oftentimes throughout the day, news items related to systematic innovation (including TRIZ) are added to the News section of the website. In addition, sometimes these mentions are remarkable enough to also be highlighted in a commentary post. Both of these sections are excellent sources for regularly updated content.

This month’s articles include more than one article addressing the dangers inherent in making assumptions when trying to solve problems.

  • Abram Teplitskiy’s study of logic continues with a look at overcoming assumptions with “fuzzy” logic.
  • The challenges of mindsets in students trying to learn TRIZ is examined in Paul Filmore’s Key to Teaching TRIZ: Breaking Mindsets.
  • Challenges continue in a case study examining lubricant additives technology, wherein correctly defining the problem proves critical.
  • New product development is dependent upon the continuous application of systematic innovation method and tools. But companies may be selling themselves short by not taking advantage of the potential unorthodox uses of their products and services.
  • A look at the 40 inventive principles and solar cells serves as a reminder as contradictions are visible everywhere – solve them and find success.


Until March, happy TRIZ reading!