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TRIZ, Quantum Physics and Poetry in Solving Personal and Professional Problems

TRIZ, Quantum Physics and Poetry in Solving Personal and Professional Problems

| On 22, May 2003

By: Judith de Zanger, Ph.D., and Andre de Zanger

Judith de Zanger, Ph.D., and Andre de Zanger
Directors of the Creativity Institute

This article is a brief introduction to using some of the Inventive and Evolutionary Principles of Triz in solving Personal, Business and Professional problems. It also touches on some of the similarities between Triz and Quantum Physics. One of the first steps in applying Triz to human problems would be to look for the contradictions in whatever situation is facing you and then search, not for the compromise, but for the ideal solution.

One of the primary principles of TRIZ is that all problems contain within them a fundamental contradiction. This is also true of many human problems: we want both ‘Freedom and Security”, “Change and Stability”, and “Time and Money”, etc. It is important to look for the contradictions and not get stuck in the “symptom”, which is often the end result of a contradiction and not the problem. A symptom can often be a solution for another problem. What is the contradiction within the problems or situations facing you? And what is the ideal solution (IFR), the pathway to resolve them? Can you hold both ends of the contradiction together and “span the chasm”? The poet Rilke said this quite elegantly:
“As once the winged energy of delight carried you over childhood’s dark abysses, Now beyond your own life build the great arch of unimagined bridges. Wonders happen if we can succeed in passing through the harshest danger; But only in a bright and purely granted Achievement, can we realize the Wonder. To work with things in the indescribable relationship is not too hard for us; the pattern grows one intricate and subtle, and being swept along is not enough. Take your practiced powers and stretch them out until they span the chasm between two contradictions…..For god wants to know himself in you.” Rilke

One of the most used inventive principles is that of Parameter Changes – moving from a Solid State • to a Field Phenomenon (((·))). This relates to the quantum physics idea that we are not solid, separate objects but that everything is interrelated and connected. “There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.” (Einstein)

There is a constant dialectic of how much matter versus how much energy or spirit is in a product, service, or our lives. If there is too much either way, it or we are out of balance. Seminars with too much information and no spirit are boring, but on the other hand, seminars with too much energy and too little information are empty. Long distance learning is a Field Phenomenon (((·))) – no classroom or individual teacher. The overall vision or corporate purpose statement is a field phenomenon and directs how business is done. It can influence the energy, the values, the leadership style, the motivation of the employees. It can infuse energy into the system or it can be overbearing and dominant with too much “solidness” • . Many businesses fail because they invest too much in the matter – bigger buildings, larger overhead instead of dealing with the field – customers, service, experience.

HEALTH – In the health field, quantum thinkers state that if you think of yourself as a separate, isolated object you are more open to the state of dis-ease or stress. People that feel connected – to themselves, to nature, to pets, to others- and feel part of the world – of the field- are healthier. There is much evidence in the medical literature that people recover more quickly and stay healthier when they are connected, interrelated- in support groups, in community with others. Intimacy, love and positive thinking- all Field Phenomenon (((·))) – effect health and recovery rates. According to Dean Ornish, (Love and Survival: The Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy) they are more important than diet or exercise in recovery from heart disease. Intuition, creativity and synchronicity are all Field Phenomenon and may be ways of tapping into the “collective unconscious”.

CREATIVITY – Consider the importance of the Field (((·))) in our ability to create – atmosphere, sounds, colors, smells. Altered States of Consciousness (Alpha, Theta and Delta) seem to have a high correlation to creativity, Intuition, imagination and “Quantum Leaps” and are all Field Phenomena (((·))). Many inventions, innovations have arisen at the same time by two people working alone, not in communication with each other (Darwin and Watson). Bell arrived at the Patent Office one half hour before “the other guy”.

2. DYNAMICS # 15 – Adding energy to a system, making something movable rather than static. Again, this is one of the differences between Classical Physics and Quantum. In Classical Physics things tend to be seen as static, while in Quantum “matter is energy reduced to the point of visibility” (Einstein) Constant change is expected and “manifestations are dynamic and transitory, coming into being and vanishing in one ceaseless dance of movement and energy”. (F. Capra)

Sameness tends to put people to sleep. The 3M company offers employees the opportunity to create a business around new ideas. They can sell their idea to a new manager if their manager doesn’t buy it. Asking customers what they want and then implementing their suggestions is a key to success. Quality of service and delighting customers are energy phenomenon. Are your customers more important than your overhead? Does your service, product add energy to people’s lives? True leadership deals with relationships, while management deals with objects ( and sometimes considers people as objects). A visionary company holds relationships to be as important as objects. Gateway and others built themselves on customer relationships and service – the object, the computer can be bought anywhere. According to Gregory Bateson, nature is relationships, complex patterns of relationships and to understand nature is to understand the quality of those relationships. The focus is not on the object but on the interrelationships, the energy between the objects. This is also one of the Business “Evolution Trends” -see Darrell Mann’s work).
HEALTH – Some forms of depression can be helped by the addition of movement; physical movement, writing, drawing, talking, yelling. Psychodrama is an application of this idea – acting situations out is a way of adding energy. Symptoms tend to be static states and can be relieved by making them experiential- writing or talking about them, dialoguing with the symptom, visualization are all ways of adding energy. Some have taken symptoms or difficult situations and created out of them – Robert L. Stevenson used his nightmares to write stories, Holocaust survivors created meaning and purpose. The various body work modalities- massage, acupunctureall involve the movement of energy. Yoga is an energy and health enhancer. Visualize a positive outcome to a potentially difficult situation and you are adding positive energy so the struggle tends to be reduced or eliminated.

CREATIVITY – Movement is often a way to enter a creative state of consciousness: walking, running, dancing, swimming, driving, showering, or rocking in a chair. Ideas tend to evolve when there is movement to them – put them on paper, talk about them, doodle them – and stay stuck when left inside someone’s head. We talk about “Creative Blocks” or ” hitting our head against the wall” as a metaphor for this idea of Static versus Dynamic. Passion and enthusiasm are key ingredients for entering the creative state. Does a problem situation have any intrigue or interest or arouse curiosity in any way? Develop a vision of the ideal future so that you have a “future pull”.

3. MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS #18 – Resonating with vibrational frequencies.

Resonating with self – What does your intuition tell you about a situation. Listening or resonating to your own voice. Eliminating or balancing “shoulds” with “wants”. What would be the effortless action, the lighter way? Developing and resonating with a purpose statement helps in making choices and going through difficult stages. A sense of purpose leads us to desired states and effortless action – it is in alignment with who you are. Are you and the situation in alignment- in resonance- or is there a phase differential (“Bad-Vibes”) – wanting different things at different stages of life.Resonating with situation -Move towards the problem and resonate with it, what is its lesson, what does it tell you? In the health field, it is found that certain types of pain tend to become worse when we fight against it. Interventions (inter-ventions) have been developed so that when we move toward pain, it tends to lessen. There is a saying in psychology that what we resist, persists. Move towards it, resonate with it.

CONCLUSION – These are a few of the of Triz Principles (Parameter Changes #35, Dynamics #15, and Mechanical Vibrations #18 ) that are closely related to the Laws of Quantum Physics and are applicable to many Personal and Professional problems. There are many more parallels and Principles which can be applied to human problems. Beauty – Wholeness, Harmony and Radiance – and Poetry are also forces in the creative inventing process. Non-logical, intuitive processes throw us into uncertainty, a dynamic unequilibrium which can create “Dissipative Structures of the Mind” â„¢.