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taguchi Archives - The Triz Journal

The Study of Problem Solving by TRIZ and Taguchi Methodology in Automobile Muffler Designation

13/03/2004 |

Tzann-Dwo Wu Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Management, Tung-Nan Institute of Technology Taipei, 222, Taiwan

Abstract Deming developed a new quality-improving concept, which extended quality inspection to statistic process control (SPC). Taguchi is further to improve quality techniques … Read More

Taguchi and TRIZ: Comparisons and Opportunities

15/11/2001 |

By: P. R. Apte and D. L. Mann


In this article, we draw comparisons between TRIZ and the tools and strategies contained in Taguchi methods. Our aim is to identify … Read More

TRIZ And Taguchi Methods At A World-Class Winery & Vineyard

05/02/1999 |

Timothy Quartly-Watson Renaissance Vineyard and Winery (RVW) ~ (530) 692-2225 Virtual Winery Tour Web Page:

IDEAL SYSTEMS AND OBJECTIVE FUNCTIONS. At RVW we strive to produce ideal products. In TRIZ, an ideal system is one that “performs its function … Read More

Application of TRIZ and Taguchi Methods: Two Case Examples

05/01/1999 |

First published in the Proceedings of the Taguchi Methods Conference, 4th Total Product Development Symposium, 1998, American Supplier Institute

By: Dr. Leslie Monplaisir, Rajesh Jugulum and Mahfoozulhaq Mian Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Wayne State University, Detroit MI 48202.

Read More

The QFD, TRIZ and Taguchi Connection: Customer-Driven Robust Innovation

03/01/1998 |

John Terninko, Ph.D. Responsible Management Inc. & Ideation International Inc. The Ninth Symposium on Quality Function Deployment, June 10, 1997


Taguchi’s approach to robust designs has been in North America since 1981. QFD arrived in 1984, … Read More