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Global TRIZ: New Developments around the World

20/12/2001 |

By Ellen Domb

The first conference of the European TRIZ Association was held in Bath, in the UK, November 7-9, 2001. I participated in the conference, and regard it as a great success. The … Read More

Self-Heating Container Developments Predicated on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

14/10/2001 |

By: Michael S. Slocum and Catherine O. Lundberg


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ADVANCED TRIZ DEVELOPMENTS At the Leonardo da Vinci Institute (division of RLI, Inc.)

16/03/1998 |


James F. Kowalick Technical Director Voice: (916) 692-1944 E-mail:

(Dr. Kowalick is considered to be the leading American TRIZ master. He regularly teaches CREATING BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCTS, a two-day overview session for executives at … Read More