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September 2008's TRIZ Journal

Welcome to the September 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

| On 01, Sep 2008

By Katie Barry, Ellen Domb, Paul Filmore and Marco de Carvalho

This month we welcome two new members to The TRIZ Journal’s editorial panel, Marco de Carvalho and Paul Filmore. Each has been a contributor of articles in the past and we look forward to their continuing to bring their expertise to The TRIZ Journal as authors and editors. 

  • To further welcome Paul and Marco, we present highlights of their past contributions.
  • TRIZ Concepts in Limited Slip Differentials for SUVs/RVs uses TRIZ to examine how slip differentials can evolve in future SUV and RV designs.
  • Elaborated concept design proves combining it with TRIZ succeeds not only in theory, but in the case of developing inline skating shoes.
  • Gennady Retseptor returns with an examination of the 40 inventive principles apply to business survival imperatives.
  • Air balloons are more than merely childrens’ toys; they are also useful in construction as returning author Abram Teplitsky shares.


  • Founding editor Ellen Domb issued a challenge to readers in her commentary, Olympic TRIZ. Read and respond, and she’ll write an article about it!
  • Later this month Paul Filmore will reprise his role as a guest commentator from the Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, September 10-12.
  • Editor Katie Barry will post her experiences from the 32nd Product Development and Management Association’s Annual International Conference, September 15-16.

Are You Writing?

Submit your articles for our remaining 2008 issues now – our new editorial panel awaits.

Until October, happy TRIZ reading!