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March 2009's TRIZ Journal

Welcome to the March 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

| On 02, Mar 2009

Function-behavior-structure, knowledge-based system, non-technical problem solving, pointers to effects, gamma, soil… All this and more in March’s issue of The TRIZ Journal.




  • Ellen Domb shared her experiences in speaking about convincing your boss that innovation is a good thing in “Innovation Is Good? Part 2.”
  • A new website, WikiTRIZ, builds on the TRIZ and I-TRIZ foundation laid by and many inventive principle practitioners by presenting an expanded 40 inventive principles in Wiki format (enabling broad contribution from disciplines and industries worldwide) and an active contradiction matrix with live hyperlinks from the numbered principles to the Wiki. (Note: Usage of the tools and contribution are completely free.) 

  • A Call for Papers has been announced for September’s Fifth TRIZ Symposium in Japan – abstracts are due May 18.

  • The Innovations in New Service Development Conference is being held April 9, 2009 in Las Vegas; the theme is “Realigning the Service Pipeline to Address the Customer-Centric Economy.”

    • TRIZ Journal readers may take 10 percent off registration by quoting “TRIZ Journal.”

Don’t Forget…

Until April, happy TRIZ reading!

Katie Barry

Ellen Domb, Marco de Carvalho and Paul Filmore
Editorial Panel