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TRIZ Work Recognized-Samsung Award

TRIZ Work Recognized-Samsung Award

| On 27, May 2002

By The Editors

The Advanced Institute of Technology of the Samsung Corporation has recognized the work of Nikolay Shpakovsky with a very significant corporate award.

The savings of 120 billion won is the equivalent of US$ 91,200,000.

Nikolay described the TRIZ training being done at Samsung, for more than 2000 employees, at the ETRIA meeting and in his paper in the December 2001 TRIZ Journal. Samsung has generously agreed to allow Nikolay and his colleagues to share their training methods with the TRIZ community through a series of articles that will appear throughout the year.

When the editors asked if we could publish the announcement of the award, Nikolay asked if he could add the following note, about the people who contributed to all the TRIZ work at Samsung:

“This award was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise to me. I am happy to have made that contribution to our TRIZ thriftbox , which is a weighty proof of the TRIZ efficiency. During all my work I had to solve problems of different degree of complexity, to turn aside patents and to forecast the evolution of technical systems. It is interesting enough that the simplest problems that arise in mass production generally turn out to be difficult to solve. This is because there are certain limitations; it is necessary to remove a disadvantage practically without changing anything in the production process. That is, it is necessary to apply to the full extent the TRIZ approach according to which everything remains as it was, but the disadvantage is removed .

“I am certainly grateful to the management of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. This is not only a natural feeling of gratitude for the award, but the expression of respect for the far-seeing and forethoughtful people who discerned the possibility of getting high profits by using TRIZ and provided for the efficient work of TRIZ specialists.

“It is quite natural that such the appreciation of my work is the merit of our entire group working for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. First of all I would like to thank the TRIZ specialist from Sankt-Petersburg Vasily Leniashin, who has been my workfellow for some years. I confirm with great pleasure his active participation in solving many of the problems and I am grateful to him for efficient cooperation. In addition to problem solving we actively work on perfecting the TRIZ methodology in order to tie it up to the full extent to the process of solving real production problems (see our article published in your journal

“I also think it appropriate to recognize the great personal contribution of Nikolay Khomenko who was the first to start teaching TRIZ to Korean specialists and who continues this work today. It is necessary to make mention of Dmitry Kucheryavy, why developed and confirmed this first success by practical consulting work for LG. I also express my gratitude to other TRIZ specialists who successfully work today here, in Suwon. They are, first of all, Peter Chuksin and Alexander Skuratovich from Minsk, Valery Chernyak from Sankt-Petersburg and many other Russian and Korean specialists working mainly for LG and SAMSUNG. This is just owing to their work that the atmosphere of cooperation in the development of TRIZ methodology was created here and the Korean Group of TRIZ study was formed with the professor of Korean Polytechnic University Young-Il Kim at its head. The group unites over 120 representatives of production companies, research institutes and universities from different regions of Korea.”

Picture: Nikolay Shpakovsky receiving the award: