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TRIZ webinar by Darrell Mann

TRIZ webinar by Darrell Mann

| On 24, Apr 2018

Kobus Cilliers

Systematic Innovation will be running their first webinar titled ‘TRIZ & First-Principles Innovation’ on 25 April at 14:00 BST (13:00 GMT). This free session is presented by Darrell Mann.

The main thrust of the one-hour session is a recognition that 98% of innovation attempts – including those which use TRIZ – fail. This truth holds whichever method of innovation is used. The good news is that using TRIZ – or your preferred innovation method –  can and will improve your success rate, as long as you use it in  the right way.

The webinar describes what that ‘right way’ means. It will discuss complex adaptive systems, emergent behaviour and the importance of first-principle level of understanding of system behaviour. It will show that once these foundations are in place, the success of TRIZ is increased by several orders of magnitude.

Register and secure your place at this invigorating and enlightening free session at