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TRIZ and Politics

TRIZ and Politics

| On 02, Nov 1999

Nick Klementyev and S. Faer

Social and economic situations in the former USSR since the late 1980s urged or forced many TRIZ specialists, who had much experience applying TRIZ to technical problems, to change their main activity field into services, business management, etc. and they are still using TRIZ.

Main interests in interviewing these people are: what aspects of TRIZ can be used and what kind of extensions of TRIZ are necessary in the new fields of business-related areas?

Sergey Faer, (St. Petersburg, Russia) changed his dedication from technology to advertisement and Public Relations area in 1990 and now he is working actively as chief of a political consultant group. He is a developer of more than thirty advertising campaigns for various firms and services. As part of his career he has successfully organized fourteen election campaigns in the past several years.

Sergey Faer has elaborated and tested in political campaigns 140 methods and stratagems. Many of the 73 tactical methods and stratagems, described in his book “Methods of Strategy and Tactics of Election Campaign” (1998), are published for the first time. They are entitled by original names and explained with formulation, comments and even with his own statements of each problem written with poetic diction of Japanese haiku-style poetry. There is specially allocated the essence of each method – the aspect of contradiction, and formulation demonstrates that maximal task (contradiction), which the given method is capable to solve.

Besides, the widely known methods are submitted also in the book. They are marked by *. Some of them meet in the literature under the different names. In this case author has kept the most common name. Attention: a stratagem is more than the tactical method, but is less than a strategy. A stratagem is a system of several coordinated tactical methods. One more remark: The presence of methods does not exempt from the solution of tasks. Sometimes it happens that the use of a method can cause the necessity of solution of a new subtask, smaller than basic, on scale. It’s not the reason for refusal of method. The meaning of a new subtask is reduced to retention of pluses of the solution and elimination of the appeared minuses. Typical mistake – the attempt to find the one method solving all problems at once.

This book is intended for those who are engaged in election campaigns of the candidates for the presidents, for the governors and for the deputies of various levels, as that: candidates, strategy developers, Image-makers, Public Relations experts, election campaigns managers, the advisers for management in crisis situations.

While talking to him, being in St. Petersburg, Dr. Toru Nakagawa (Professor of the Preparatory Office for Faculty of Information Science, Osaka, Gakuin University, the editor of “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” E-mail: recalled the 36 tactics stratagems written in ancient Chinese literatures, and Sergey Faer showed him his citation of them at the end of his book.

Here are some of these valid methods functioning already for three millenniums:

  • To make noise in the east, to attack in the west

  • To extract something from nothing

  • To hide a dagger behind a smile

  • To be unified with a distant enemy to win near

  • To do mad gestures, not losing balance

  • To decorate dry trees with artificial flowers

  • To transform a role of the visitor into a role of the host

  • The plum tree dries up instead of peach

“They are similar to invisible knives which are hidden in a human brain and sparkle only when you decide to apply them. The human life is a struggle, and in a struggle, the stratagems are necessary. Each man stands on the front-line. The one who is able to apply stratagems, always will keep the initiative in his hands. Military people and scientists, merchants and diplomats – are using them. In a palace or in a hootch they are always useful. They should be carefully hidden from the foreigners”

Sergey Faer is pointing out the following main Inventive Principles of TRIZ he uses in political consulting:

  • Contradiction (Find, formulate and resolve)

  • Ideality (Formulate an Ideal Solution)

  • Convert Harm into Benefit (Utilize harmful factors or environmental effects to obtain a positive effect)

  • Resources


A) Contradictions.

  • To Strengthen so as to Loosen

  • To hit the competitor not touching him

  • The “nays” should vote “yeas”. (Those electors who were against our candidate – should vote in the affirmative)

  • Everybody knows but secret is respecting

  • The candidate is self – competitor

  • The event not happened yet but the result already known

  • The absence of the enemy is a step to defeat

B) Ideality.

  • Using of the emptiness

  • Ideal camouflage: competitor knows about our plan but he can do nothing against it

  • Ideal attack: stronger than attack is its absence

  • The competitor himself carries out the requirements of the Candidate

  • Problem remains but harm disappears

C) Convert harm into benefit.

  • Situations created by our competitor for the good of himself can be transformed into our benefit instead.

  • We convert seemingly damaging situations, created by our competitor, into our advantage; any action of the competitor to harm us turns for our good.

  • Competitor badly beats our candidate with a slander – it’s better for a candidate

  • The voters choose competitor polling for our candidate

  • Make an advantageous loss

D) Analysis of Resources.

  • Even the most insignificant resource of election campaign can result in our victory. There is always an opportunity to achieve the goal of an election campaign in the best way, i.e. to get the maximal effect with the minimal expenses.

  • Maximum participation with minimum interest

  • Remind not repeating

E) Moving to new dimension.

  • To win in the city not waging the local city campaign

F) Combining.

  • Many competitors should be equal to one competitor

G) Inversion. Instead of an action dictated by the specifications of the problem, implement an opposite action.

  • We help to our future opponent to become a leader

H) Nesting. (Principle of Nested Doll – Russian Matreshka) Contain the object inside another which, in turn, is placed inside a third object.

  • During the propaganda for election campaign people do not want to read the flyers, they can only take a glance. So, the main messages should be written not directly but in a way people can natuarally go further in their mind.

I) Ideal object is not existing but his function is working.

  • Ideal flyer is the rumors.



  • (sub-method: BARTER of SUCCESS)
  • (sub-methods: WIDE TREATMENT
  • (sub-method: ALREADY WORKS)
  • DELETE (administrative) ELEMENT
  • (sub-methods: REVIVAL of EVENT


  • (sub-methods: TO BLUR OUT DISTINCTIONS


The Ideal Ultimatum: Opponent himself carries out the requirements of Candidate

Stratagem 19


There would be the ideal situation for the Candidate if he could keep his competitor “in leading strings”. But such is hardly possible. And maybe it is possible? Yes, if the requirements of the Candidate initially correspond to the competitor’s plan.


On purpose and publicly require from the competitor a performance of those actions he was intending to execute by itself but had no time to inform the MASS-MEDIA about it.

Often, though with variable success, this method is applying against the very important persons and not necessary during election campaign.

Examples from presidential elections:

During elections of Russian president, in 1996, Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of liberal Yabloko party, expected that there would be dismissals in government. Really, it was important pre-election course of Yeltsin, especially between the first and second rounds, whereas Yavlinsky was beforehand with his requirement of key posts changing.

… Our “investigation” has informed that Boris Yeltsin would not participate in final TV-debate. Yeltsin had not yet declared it publicly, just when Zhirinovsky, leader of LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia), already begun to “milk” his refusal. For Zhirinovsky it was non-risk lottery. On the chance of Yeltsin’s appearing on TV-debate – it means that he has compelled by Zhirinovsky, if he does not come – Zhirinovsky again will be right: …” Yeltsin simply was frightened!”

Screen image of the applicant on Russian throne.

The “Journalist”, December 1991.

Mechanisms. Comments.

  1. The competitor is putting into very inconsistent situation. Following his own plans it seems as if he carries out the requirement of Candidate. On the other hand either it’s inconvenient to change the plans or it’s impossible in general.

  2. There is a chance to provoke famous person on an attack.

Aspect of contradictions

The competitor himself carries out the requirements of the Candidate.


Nobody will disobey

Only give a command
To rain to fall
To birds to fly


… There was recently the best, on my sight, election campaign which all of us had possibility to observe – “Yeltsin – president 1996-2000 “. (Truth, with a clause: Yeltsin correctly dismisses, correctly nominates, and in general come back to life only at the critical moments. In other time all up to on the contrary). Twelve large tactical methods were used by a Yeltsin’s team, here are several of them (numbering is taken from the book).


“Imaginary” opponent “

…There was no struggle with the concrete man Zuganov, there was no struggle with the “Block of patriotic forces”. On them did not pay attention, as though they were an empty place. Thus and so the Yeltsin’s team has constructed to itself a favourable enemy – “Communism of the old Stalin’s leaven” with all following advertising

dividends also worked against Zuganov…


One is stronger than another
Nobody is stronger than himself
The enemy will be killed by his shadow


” Support of the weak leader among the strong competitor’s team “

What to do with the very strong opponent, such as a Communist party? The answer is in the name of method…

…The team long before the elections should do their best so that the leader of opposite party has appeared the man, obviously weaker than President. A paradoxical situation, isn’t it? We help (at the certain stage) to our future opponent to become a leader…


Army of lions
Towards a shame
With sheep in the lead


” Ill service “

Method is strong but in Presidential campaign ought to work worse than on local elections where the candidate Is frequently unknown.

“… Zuganov gained serious problem (or successful find) in the person of the metropolitan punks which not only are going to support his nominee on a post of the president but also have begun one of these days pre-election propaganda in his advantage. The leaflets of the punks found by us on Miasnitskaya street, contain all: from wrong spelling and not normative lexicon up to direct insults of “narrow-minded voters”…

…”The Punks unfurling a red banner with a hammer and sickle. Marxism-Leninism is the largest punk! We need a class-hatred!.. To us communism is a rush! To us destruction is a rush! The daddy Zu -beat the “goats”! – such plain theses was put forward by red – brown youngsters… ” (Source – newspaper ” Moscow’s komsomoletz “, from May 23, 1996)

I do not assert that Zuganov’s competitors “have bought” these punks (it already would be antiadvertising), but that this information was snatched out from the thick of already happened events by a team of one of the applicants and “was advanced” – is for sure…


“Promotion of the faithful”

…It is good that communists have Anpilov! DEMOCRATS are simply DUE to advertise him and not regretting to put THEIR money into his promotion. Instead of Anpilov, they would find others, … Because it cost Zuganov ” a minus many percents”. In their turn, communists are obliged to advertise…whom? – “Let them think by themselves “…


Light has struck in the back
Shadows have fallen ahead


” A Relational loss “

…The wave of advancing the date of local elections was recently rolled on Russia. As we can see it’s of course a fashionable method, favourable to Authority, is working. Sometimes it is profitable to go on deterioration, but together with the competitor, which will suffer heavy losses. (Remember, how it was in a joke: ” Wish something to itself but take into account that I shall do twice more to your Enemy. So, what youwill wish? – Prick an eye out to me “)…

Elections of the President: free-of-charge broadcasting time of the candidates on this post was lowered to 10 minutes. It made no difference to Yeltsin’s team because his advertisements was here, there and everywhere…


Distinction is small
But little is infinite
Before zero

ALL MY BOOK – IS A COUNTERSTROKE UPON THE “DIRTY” ELECTION CAMPAIGNS ( from the interview with Sergey Faer for the Magazine “YES!”!)


– How to distinguish political advertising from commodity advertising?

– In commodity advertising there is no direct struggle even at the moment of a fierce competition between different trade marks. Despite of it, the strong methodology of commodity marketing has penetrated into politics and killed there those important things, which are possible only in the personal struggle.

– Where it’s possible to use the methods described in your book “Strategic and tactical methods of an election campaign”?

Everywhere, where the competitive struggle is: intraparty strife, struggle for the good position, for the large salary, for management posts and so on. The artist and proofreader of my book have told me, that if they could have read this book earlier, it would help them to carve out a career for themselves.

– As I have seen, commodity and political advertising are differently developing in time. What is an election? The achievement of the fixed result in some period. In commodity advertising the victory is unstable condition. As soon as you have stopped – you have lost. Your book is divided into two parts – tactical and strategic. How to proceed from the knowledge of separate methods to the strategic intellection?

– The strategy is emerging itself, when you are immersing in information. At some moment the information will ” spill over “, and the picture of strategy will develop itself. Looking from higher system level, you can see all problems in their interrelation, and can find the necessary actions, when one problem will solve another.


How long were you writing the book?

– Two years. I have elaborated 140 stratagems. There are 73 in the book, I have not found of vivid examples for others. When I began to write the book, I had only 20 stratagems from my elective experience. Since I have described them, I understood that it is only beginning and it is necessary to search further.

– Which statesman has given the greater amount of examples?

– Mostly those who on hearing – Luzhkov, Nemtsov, Zhirinovskiy, Lebed. Some time back, when Nemtsov was the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod area, he has got popularity all over the country due to inventive, not demanding expenses occasions. And how Zhirinovskiy is working? The essence of his main stratagem is (on my classification): ” All should be concordant, consonant, co-coloured. The falseness is beaten out from chorus “. If all people “yes”, he is alone – “against”, and always wins on it.

– Which stratagems are most popular among Russian statesmans?

– Most simple stratagem- from the hyping category “Attraction and retention of attention”. It works with culture and sports, they are often near to politics. It is not expensive to statesmans and the effect is good. The most widespread pre-election policy – is a chain of creation of information occasions “out of thin air”. For example, scene-stealer Zhirinovskiy perfectly wields this method, but it is impossible for someone else to repeat it: which is possible for “hooligan” – is inadmissible for the hero with positive image, for which to work on public as effectively, but ” in an atmosphere of plus ” – a task more difficult. Luzhkov tries to do the same, but he works with big spending, all his information occasions cost dearly.

– And Lebed works inventively? This history with the invitation of Alen Delon in Krasnoyarsk during pre-election campaign …

– Lebed is brave, he has learned to adhere to that image which has resulted him in success, but he has lost the ingenuity when has come out from a disfavour. And earlier there were interesting ploys one behind another. Remember a case, when he has arrived on inauguration of Bill Clinton, ostensibly invited by one of the Congressmans? Clinton, knowing that Lebed is in disfavour, did not want to look poorly before Yeltsyn, and apologetically said, “we did not invite Lebed”. What a boom was worked up! The artful trick, and I’m familiar with its author – (he reviewed my book), former scout, he helped Lebed in that difficult period. And now, when his hand on a pulse of the whole region, it is difficult for him to be inventive.

After a statesman has achieved something, then the real businesses, instead of virtual occasions, are required from him. Now, for example, Yavlinsky – “in white clothes “, in not responsible post, he has the large field for an ingenuity, for treatment of events. As soon as he will receive authority – he will turn in Lebed which, being a man set in authority and therefore responsibility, now can only to adhere to the image. To be the inventor in authority – it is a talent of a high order, and a few people are able to do it.

– In Russia “inventors” in authority frequently solve a tasks of personal enrichment, the experience of last years shows also, that some innovations have resulted in fall of a living standard of the population and in economic crisis …

– I shall bring an example of the strong positive decision from experience of the United States. Some tens years back there were imposed a new tax on the vacuum contained in closed vessels. The formulation sounds very modestly, but in consequence of this well elaborated invention of ” those who in authority ” was the breaktrough in the field of new technologies of microminiaturization! The vacuum lamps then became simple not profitably for making. A society in an advantage: the applied and fundamental science develops, the new workplaces are created.


I know, that you are an empiric, and make pre-election campaigns. For example, this spring you worked on election of the Head of Government of the Karelian Republic (it’s a part of Russia). Please tell about this case.

– It is a theme for separate clause, and here we can tell only a little… It was the election of the chairman of Government of the Karelian Republic. We were running short of time – there was a month before election, our candidate – the known man, mayor of Petrozavodsk (capital city of Karelian Republic), Katanandov. Our competitor on these elections was the previous Head of Republic, communist Stepanov. Within eight years people loved Katanandov as Luzhkov in Moskow, for eight years he was the mayor, remarkable mayor.

Four months prior to our arrival one of the Moscow consulting teams with the help of unfair methods of antiadvertising has reduced his image almost to zero. This is the style of their work on all Russia – “destruction” of the competitor. On all Kareliya tens circulations of two free-of-charge newspapers with defaming of our candidate were distributed. Through the newspapers and through the special people the hearings were started – we counted them approximately 150. The hearings were stratified: for the soldier – one, for the grandmothers – others, for the Byelorussians – third, for the students – fourth. That during authority he will expel the Byelorussians and Ukrainians from republic, that will disperse military formations, that rural population shouldn’t enter the city Colleges and Universities – they should plant a field, milk the cows… These hearings, we are sure, were already fulfilled in other regions of Russia. They were spoken that he is bootlegger, gangster, defiler of minds… all was listed – even that he is a “gay”. And the people believed. Eight years loved, and now within four months the man has turned to nothing …

– It is classics. Slander is the strong weapon. The people usually consider that ” there is no smoke without fire “, something can correspond to the reality … Moreover, the more successful hearing is more interesting for retelling, if it’s about all the favourite man.

– And how to struggle against these hearings? It is senseless to show any informations and references that he is not a “gangster”, “defiler” and not a “gay”. Competitor used a “Turned mirror”, favourite stratagem among many politicians- to accuse the competitor of what you doing youself. In mass media Stepanov’s team declared: Katanandov is bad, he foul Stepanov’s name. The Karelians – the quiet people of sluggish disposition, they love the nature of their native land … And suddenly – five months of such a dirt are dumped on them! They were tired of it all, they already feel no difference – whether Katanandov is rights or not: ” all candidates are bad ” … Katanandov campaigned honourly and never ” has stepped on a leg ” of the competitor, but people say: ” they all pour a dirt against each other “.

We have made such a strategic conclusion for ourselves: it is meaningless “to scrub ” through logic, we will not “wash” each concrete hearing – we will burst toward the heart. There already were 150 hearings about – well, let it ride. It is necessary to make people believe by heart, that all these hearings are nonsense …

Our first television roller turned on local TV only one day – opponents quickly have taken it off the air. Because it has worked! On all Kareliya they searched for those who has made a roller, a copy even have taken in Moscow on examination – on hundreds pages of the report professors proved that it is necessary to take this roller off because it’s a psychotropic weapon. At that moment it have been removed for a long time, and by then we already have made ten other rollers.

How was it looked? Under a penetrating into the soul music from one French movie, where a long beginning on one note, – the absolute white screen, and from above is lowered slowly the utter darkness – the dark screen. The narrator’s voice-over: ” The Authority is all-powerful. The flows of a dirt will fall upon the one who is worthy of replace it. Think, listen and look, – upon whom it has fallen now “… All screen is dark …

There were other rollers, where we have kept white – dark scale: ” From love up to hatred … Stop, think, make a step … ” – and screen again is white.

Ours Katanandov has won this election.

– You have refused antiadvertising?

– I did not carry on any elective campaign with antiadvertising. Counterpropaganda is acceptable, but as a protection. I admit antiadvertising only when the competitor antiadvertise himself. On any election competitor is compromised enough, gives enough resources to transform it into antiadvertising. So it’s not necessary to search for any damning evidence. All my book – is a counterstroke upon those “advisers”, which are engaged in “dark” election campaigns. In my book I told how it’s possible to be “rationally” protected from antiadvertising, “to reduce” the competitors and not to dirty the hands. Do you know the whence of all dirt in our political marketing? Somewhere at the beginning of “Perestroika” (reorganization) have appeared the first election teams with ideas: “the elections – is war”, and “all is fair in war”. The psychology of such adviser is simple: I’m a good man home, but elections is a job and I’m different there – it’s necessary to be cold, pragmatic…

The slander is the strong weapon, but there is other powerful means – of humour, against which is hard to resist to anybody. I have told a history about the “Apple” posters in any city, there was an inscription: “Young generation chooses an Apple “. The opponent used labels of a small format, which were glued to the posters: “… and drinks Pepsi-Cola”.

– Whether it was possible to use humour in such, on a side, situation, what was in Kareliya?

– At that moment, when there was a dirt in Kareliya, our hands did not rise to write send-up songs, gags – it was not that the situation demanded. It is my belief that the adviser should be as a tuning fork. When I work, I “become” the voter myself. I use the environment and, as a tuning fork, I begin to sound according to it. Projecting the advertising action, I listen to myself – whether it resonating with me or disharmonizing … Only in the second round we launched humour, when have felt that is possible – because have already answered to aggression. By well-known voices of Lebed, Yeltsin, Zhirinovskiy we talked to all Kareliya and its government. There were made approximately 50 radio-rollers. The competitor declared, that ours Katanandov fills in all TV-channels, and on TV they do not show him, Stepanov. This method, already familiar to us, was the “Turned mirror”, because the situation was opposite – on TV was Stepanov. The advertising of him was sustained in socialist spirit. Imagine on the Soviet motive “a song to build and to live helps to us”, “Stepanov Victor is simple and reliable! “, “Stability”, “Stability”, and once again “Stability”! The main slogan of Stepanov was “Stability”.

And – our roller on radio:

Telephone ringing, and voice of Gorbatchev with characteristic soft intonation: “Call The Main, please. We looked your telecast. You are for stability … But I know, that the most stable position of a ball – when it is in “at pit”… So how comes it? It’s a complete Stabilitism turns out?!” … (in original – here is also the rhyme with one Russian funny word)

We worked on radio, on discos. The youth needed to be bringing on elections – they were brought.

– What else methods were used in Kareliya?

– We used the method “An absurdity carried to its ultimate” – Get the advertising of the competitor up to the point of irrationality by its amplification. In the first day, when we have arrived, – the Election Staff was idle, nobody knows what to do with those flows of a dirt against our client – we have offered the most simple, that it was possible to make. We have taken all newspapers that have been letting out by competitors, and have collected them on one sheet of paper: in one column – the laudatory excerptions about Stepanov, and in another column – the excerptions from the same newspapers about our Katanandov. All excerptions have been done with the references to real numbers of the newspapers. The man reads – and thinks: “O! My God!”. It was not necessary to think too much, – we simply have reduced on one sheet everything, that was scattered on circulations of the newspapers – the led up to the point of irrationality positive and lead up to the point of irrationality negative. We did not begin even to bring in the estimation – everyone will understand. Instantly it went to the newspapers with heading: ” Only facts “.


– Is the election advertising in Russia varies?

– It progresses, all becomes more complex. Already it is impossible to compare two years – old election campaigns with that occurs now. The creativity has changed very strongly, the analytics. The advisers become smarter.

– How to build a campaign during crisis?

– To work not dividing voters – for all people at once, standing on universal positions. Using the thesis of the ” political consent “, which now becomes fashionable.

– That is, to use a need of the population for rest, just as it working in commodity advertising? All are speaking about the special mentality of the Russians. How do you think, it is necessary to address to feelings or reason in Russia?

– It is necessary to ring the all bells, using both logic and feelings! And the specific decision will be prompted by a situation.


Sergey Faer says that the most important message he obtained from TRIZ is “Be brave to solve problems”. He believes TRIZ is applicable to life in many other areas. He loves his new application fields because the responses of his trials come back in a day, instead of months or years when he makes a technical invention.


– What a perfect book. First time meets a work, In which in general there are no superfluous words.

Alexander Lubimov (ORT, “Public Russian TV”, program “VID”.)

– When reading ” Methods of Strategy and Tactics of Election Campaign “, one feel the sensation, that this book is created outside of time…

Andrey Nadein, magazine “YES!”, # 3 1998 г.

– This is a kind of original ” Intellectual aikido ” of political struggle, illustrated in tens popular and little-known methods and stratagems, ensuring success…

Marseilles Bulgary, ” The Petersburg Advertiser “, N 12 (39) 1998

– This is that rare case, when the author of the book about electiontechnologies can to brag of successes on a practical field…

– Amazes a range of the book: from simple one-step methods – up to smart stratagems, from real political campaigns examples up to theoretical generalizations – formulas, from precise technological text up to the highly artistic images…

– The Book differs by absolute novelty: it is not similar to any other book about the appropriate subjects…

– I considerably have expanded the understanding of process of the election campaigns and technologies of elections…

– This is valid, THEY ARE KEEPING SILENCE ABOUT IT! Are you notafraid consequences after the publications of SUCH book?

– It’s a pleasant to see in the book not a ” frankness of a cool image-maker” but alive, working technique allowing to make own successful companies. It is important, that this technique is based on principles of honour competitive struggle, without discrediting trade, payoff of votes etc. I think, that the Faer’s book becomes practical manual for those for whom the good reputation is necessary.

On my sight, “Methods… ” are useful not only for politicians, but also to the experts in advertising and marketing area. You see the competitive struggle exists in any market, and not just on political.

– Now I shall hold this book under a hand…


– Most of those whom I have presented the book, besides positive responses told me, that had not time to read it – the book had been taken away by their friends – all want to read it…

Sergey Faer


Sergey Faer was born in 1966 in St.Petersburg (a former Leningrad), Russia.

Graduated from Leningrad State Mechanical Institute in 1990, has made a speciality of Dynamics of Flight.

Entered to University of TRIZ in 1987 and graduated in 1989.

From 1988 to 1993: Technical TRIZ-consulting on a commercial basis.

Since 1994 till today he is solving non-standard creative problems in the field of business, advertising and election campaigns.

Author of several scientific projects in the field of the TRIZ theory:

“Transition from physical contradiction to the idea of solution by the tools of TRIZ “;
Address for viewing:

“The System analysis of methods of technical contradictions solving. Algorithm of choice of methods”;
Address for viewing:

The book “Methods of Strategy and Tactics of Election Campaign” (1998). Public Relations secrets,”traps” in competitive struggle, mechanisms of political career, application of stratagems of fight. 73 stratagems (solved contradictions).
Address for viewing:

This article is a compilation and translation by Nick Klementyev ( E-mail: ) of “TRIZ and Politics Home Page” (editor: Nick Klementyev, TRIZ specialist, assistant to Sergey Faer) and “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” (editor: Dr. Toru Nakagawa, Professor of the Preparatory Office for Faculty of Information Science, Osaka, Gakuin University E-mail: See The TRIZ Journal archive for September, 1999, to read Professor Nakagawa’s report on his trip to Russia and Belarus.