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TRIZ-Fest 2009 Report

TRIZ-fest 2009: Ma-triz Conference and Congress Report

| On 07, Sep 2009

By Mark Barkan and Dr. Irina Sigalovsky

TRIZ-Fest 2009

Over 100 TRIZ specialists from 14 countries participated in TRIZ-Fest 2009, July 25-29 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The participants delivered over 50 papers in English and Russian. Both languages were served with synchronous translation.

Roundtable and Seminars

On July 25, J. Murashkovsky conducted a seminar on “Methodological aspects of research in TRIZ.” On July 26, O. Gerasimov lead an educational seminar titled: “Introduction to methodology for designing innovations- G3-ID.”

The head of the department of innovatiks of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, L. Chechurin, lead a round table discussion on “TRIZ in universities” on July 27.

TRIZ-Summit 2009

A closed meeting of TRIZ-Summit for developers took place July 26 with the main topic: “Development of new generation of ARIZ.”

The outcome of the meeting was the establishment of the requirements for a number of algorithms including:

  • ARIZ-2010, eliminate shortcomings of ARIZ-85C;
  • Algorithm of improvement of technical systems (ASTS-2010), incorporates selection of an object and goals of improvement;
  • Algorithm of improvement of technical systems (ASTS-2010) is designed for problems in technical systems as well as in other fields of human activities.

The topic for TRIZ-Summit 2010 will be determined by September 9. All those, who would like to participate in it are invited to send in their articles on this topic. To review information about it visit: TRIZ-Summit 2009.

The Conference TRIZ-Fest 2009

President of MA-TRIZ, Mark Barkan, delivered the welcoming address. Next, the patriarch of the world TRIZ movement, V. V. Mitrofanov, offered his remarks. Martha Gardner, a Global Quality Leader at GE Global Research, delivered the keynote address. She talked about the use of TRIZ at General Electric.

All of the papers, presented at the conference, were divided among three sections. Conference participants voted for the best papers as follows:

Section 1: Application of TRIZ in design for innovation

  • S. Litvin: A practical application of TRIZ: from Idea to Real Product (11 percent of the vote.)
  • A. Kynin, V. Lenyashin, N. Feygenson: How to select parameters for definition of system’s development along “life line.” (7 percent of the vote.)
  • S. Ikovenko: Application of TRIZ tools for patent strategies. (7 percent of the vote.)
  • A. Lyubomirskiy: Increase of concordance in outward appearance. (7 percent of the vote.)

Section 2: Development of TRIZ as a science

  • M. Rubin: On the new generation of ARIZ. Multifaceted cycle of overcoming contradictions on universal system of standards for inventive problem solving. (7 percent of the vote.)
  • J. Murashkovskiy:ARIZ-85C, part 8, version 2. 2 (7 percent of the vote.)
  • A. Efimov: The alternative approaches to designing ARIZ of the new generation. Should TRIZ retain a little bit of creativity? The suggestions for the development of a unified system of trends-standards-principles. (7 percent of the vote.)

Section 3: TRIZ education

  • M.Gafitulin, I.Ivanov, Keum-YoungChang, Yong-WonSong, Seoung-HyunKang: Pilot of TRIZ-Project in the Republic of Korea. Experience and perspectives for TRIZ-Consulting for small- to medium-sized businesses in Korea. (14 percent of the vote and was the most popular report at the conference.)
  • R. Granovskaya: Announcement (7 percent of the vote.)
  • N. Rubina: Talent scale. Diagnostic for the development of the creative thought process. (4 percent of the vote.)
  • M. Stepanchikova: Improving formats of pedagogic testing. (4 percent of the vote.)

Session of MA-TRIZ dissertation council

  • The session of MA-TRIZ dissertation council took place on the morning of July 29. It was attended by 50 representatives of various public TRIZ organizations.
  • The members of the MA-TRIZ dissertation council include TRIZ masters: M. Gafitulin, A. Guin, S. Gubanov, A. Kislov, A. Kudryavtsev, S. Litvin (Chairman), A. Lyubomirskiy, J. Murashkovskiy, V. Petrov, M. Rubin (academic secretary), N. Shpakovsky and S. Ikovenko.
  • The members of the counting board included: M. Gafitulin (chairman), A. Kudryavtsev and S. Ikovenko.

The dissertation council considered the following:

  • I. Devoino: “Expansion of technical systems,” advisor S. Litvin, opponent A. Lyubomirskiy.
  • A. Kashkarov: “Su-field transformations within a technical system. A methodology for the construction and analysis of models,” advisor Y. Fedosov, opponent V. Petrov.
  • Y. Danilovskiy: “Models of spiral evolution of technology in forecasting,” advisor A. Kudryavtsev, opponent M. Gafitulin.

Based on a request from the dissertation council MA-TRIZ presidium discussed possible changes in certification requirements. It was suggested to reduce the required number of “yes” votes from three quarters to two thirds. President of MA-TRIZ, M. Barkan, offered to call a special meeting of presidium to discuss this issue. Upon brief discussion, the MA-TRIZ presidium voted to confirm this change with retroactive power. Please see the protocol of the MA-TRIZ presidium’s special meeting. For more details visit:MA-TRIZ.

The Sixth Congress of MA-TRIZ

The sixth congress of MA-TRIZ took place on the afternoon of July 29.

After hearing reports by MA-TRIZ presidium members, the Chairman of the auditing committee and the MA-TRIZ president as well as the authorized representatives of regional TRIZ organizations voted to approve the reports.

The congress elected a new MA-TRIZ presidium consisting of: M. Barkan, USA (president); A. Kudryavtsev, Russia; S. Litvin, USA; Amir Roggel, Israel; I. Sigalovsky, USA; L. Chechurin, Russia; S. Ikovenko, USA; Shinsuke Kurosawa, Japan and Yong Won Song, South Korea.

The official information on the congress is forthcoming and may be reviewed at MA-TRIZ.

During the Conference

Anatoly Kozlov, of the Siberian Federal University, celebrated his 60 birthday. Kozlov received many heartfelt wishes and a few presents. Please click on links below to view the conference in pictures.

TRIZ-Fest 2009 Photos

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TRIZ-Fest 2009 Slideshow

The authors would liketo thank the organizing committee and all participants of TRIZ-Fest 2009 for their devotion and hard work.

TRIZ-Fest 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia